Monday, October 29, 2012

Midnight at 9:30

We woke up around 9:30am, but it felt and looked like midnight.  There was no rain Saturday night, but the cloud cover at 9:30 in the morning was so heavy and thick it felt like midnight. It was DARK and COLD......around 34 degrees, and the heaters were going full blast.

Of course, this was another veg day for us, however, we were going to venture out to have brunch at C.U. (Campbellsville University) again with our Camper Force friends.  I've told TLE a few times that one of the unexpected benefits of this short term job is the new friends we are making.  These people we work with are quality people, and to do this job we all have to be.  This job, while seeming to be menial takes concentration, endurance and integrity.  We are told that the Camper Force workers are always, as a group, more dependable and consistent than their full time work force.

We headed over to C.U. around 11:20am to meet up with our friends for an hour and a half of good food, and conversation.  I noticed, while waiting my turn to cook a Belgian Waffle, a sign by the toasters that says "PLEASE DO NOT PUT BUTTERED BREAD IN THE TOASTER".....hmmmm....I thought that was obvious, but, apparently, if they have taken the time to print up a 3 color sign, and frame it, we must be talking about a serious, ongoing problem.  To me it's kind of like do you have to be told not to use a rotary lawnmower to trim the hedges?

After we bid adieu to our friends we decided to head over to the Peddler's Mall for see if anything new had come in.....besides we did need to do a little walking before we vegged out the remainder of the day!  We have been looking for a salt and pepper caddie for our dining table, and, of course, TLE is always looking for a couple more paperbacks....:D  We found a salt and pepper caddie, and TLE did find a couple more books.

We spent the remainder of the day.....okay, "I" spent the rest of the day watching football, and catching cat naps.....TLE spent her "veg" time reading.  I kept turning up the heaters because the cold outside was that penetrating kind of cold.  I even had to turn on one of the gas heaters to supplement the electric heaters, and Monday is supposed to be colder.

By the way, there were two very interesting games, for me, in the afternoon and evening.....the Giants v. Cowboys came down to the last play of the game, and Denver beat the Saints like a drum in the nightcap. The Manning boys are making Archie proud.

That was Sunday, and now we only have 7 weeks remaining before we head to Florida.

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