Saturday, October 20, 2012

Into the Breach!

Friday marked the end of our "honeymoon" phase at  Next Tuesday we begin the "Full Monty" shift.....10 HOURS each day Tuesday through Friday.  I have been trying to visualize myself doing my picking job for 10 hours, because 5 seems long  I guess the only way you find out if you can do it, is to actually DO IT!  So, Tuesday we will make another adjustment to 10 hour work days.  We will now have to take a "lunch" with us each evening for our 10:15pm lunch break.  

One thing we needed to get resolved Friday night was our locker assignment.  We should have had it a week ago, but somehow our "paperwork" got lost in the shuffle.  The lockers in break room "A" are stacked 4, or 5 high.  We were joking with our friends Rick and Patricia, who are short people, that they would get one of the high ones, and that we would get one of the ones lower to the floor.  So far half that prophecy has come true as they got a high one.

Friday came in with a "BRRRR!!!".....temps never got out of the 50's, and it was breezy and heavily overcast all day.  I did tackle waxing the rest of the rear cap, and managed to get the other three quarters done even thought the low temps caused the wax to dry slowly.  It looks good, and I'll tackle the front cap on Sunday when it is warmer.  Then I'll just have both sides left to do.  I remember fondly the time just 9 months ago when Carmello and Tom Montoya of Integrity Mobile Detail washed and waxed our coach in just a few I ever miss them!  It is a lot of work!

I felt tired on Friday after 3 days of work, and 4 workouts (Monday through Thursday) under my belt.  I waffled back and forth about doing my workout on Friday.  Ultimately I did my workout, but later that evening I would regret doing 5 in a row as I was just "off my feed" most the 5 hour shift.  I think I'll back it off to 4 in a row each week until I get my conditioning back to where it should be.  My main reason for being here it to work for 10 weeks (now only 8 are left) and I need to be sure nothing interferes with my ability to do my job.  The other thing I am thinking is that since I will be walking 10 miles per night I may eliminate the stair stepper routine and just do the stretching, pushups, curls, ab roller, deep knee bends, etc., but we'll see how I feel.

The Friday night shift went well, other than my feeling a little punk.  The first half I was at 89% of my picking goal, and in the low 80's for the second half.  I'm getting where I need to be (85%), but just need to work at consistency.  Doing 4 tens will test my consistency for sure.  TLE and I both hit the "green mile" (the designated walking path marked with green lines through all three buildings) at the same time, which is the first time that has happened, and headed for home.   Looking forward to 3 days off....really will feel more like 4 since we don't go back to work until Tuesday at 5:30pm!

As we exited through Security one of the guards came over with our locker assignment, and combination for our lock.  Sure enough, just as I prophecied, our locker is second from the floor, so we have to "stand on our heads" to open our locker.....that is so funny!  They should ask you how tall you are on the locker application....wouldn't that make sense.....hmmmm?

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