Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flaps down....

We have been at Heartland RV Park in Campbellsville for almost a month (a month tomorrow) and we have had our window awnings out the entire time.  One time during the past four weeks we took down the patio awning overnight due to wind.  Monday the wind came with a determined, continuous velocity that finally forced us to put everything "down" except the EZUP which seemed to be in no distress.  At this point I am assuming that our wind is a spin off from Sandy, which is pounding the northeast coast right now.  What I do know is that Monday was very cold all day long.  The heaters, again, were on all day.  The downside to the continuous dry heat is I get a headache.

Monday marks the end of our three day weekend, and on Tuesday we go back to our four 10 hour days.  Now that we have been through a week of the 10 hour days, and the 3 day recuperation period we are much more confident in handling the remaining 7 weeks of our commitment.   No doubt you are wondering why we are doing this gig if it so hard.  In writing about our experiences here at Amazon I am attempting to give you a blow by blow "words eye view" of our experience with all the pimples and warts exposed.....no air brushing here!  I do not want to present a sugar coated view of working at Amazon, but on the other hand I want to tell all that we have not been surprised by the physical requirements of this job.  

The Amazon recruiter did a good job at conveying the difficulty of the job we would be doing.  Knowing the physical demands of the job in advance helped us make our decision without blinders on.  Like any new job there is an adjustment period.  The recruiter is quick to tell you, and repeats often, that it takes about 4 weeks to settle into this job, and to adjust to the physical requirements, and they are right on the money.  We have no regrets.  Ultimately we are here to stockpile diesel fuel money which should cover our travels for the next 24 months, and take pressure off our routine monthly income.  Not only are we earning money while we sit for two and a half months, but we are not buying diesel fuel during that time.  We have close to a full tank of fuel and won't have to fill up again until sometime in mid January somewhere in Florida.

Around Noon I accompanied TLE to Krogers to shop for groceries.  You know, it's funny, even 10 months ago going shopping for groceries did not appear on my list of 100 things I'd enjoy doing on a Monday.  Now, 9 months into our nomadic journey I do enjoy grocery shopping, especially now since I actually know how to find things in the grocery store.  Before it was an unsolvable puzzle for me.  Of course, 10 months ago having me along for grocery shopping would not have appeared on TLE's list of 1000 things she would want to do on a Monday....:D......now she says say enjoys having me along.

Other than taking down the awnings I did nothing very productive other than soak my feet in Epsom Salts......it really does make a difference....seriously!  I used to soak my feet most days when I returned from doing soccer matches.  It really takes the ache and stiffness out of my feet.  Frankly doing three 90 minute soccer matches over a period of 6-7 hours, running most of the time, was easier than standing/walking on concrete for 10 hours.  It is not for the faint of heart.

The Lovely Elaine prepared the ingredients for beef barley soup and put them in the crock pot in the morning.  What a nice way to end a cold, blustery, late Fall day.  

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