Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To Do List.....

I was up Tuesday morning before TLE....nothing new there (lol) around does not get light until then, which means I can actually sleep in a little.  I had a little insurance work to get out of the way so I jumped on that and then worked on yesterday's blog post (Monday, Monday).  By that time The Lovely Elaine was up and the day was officially begun!

Since we arrived in Campbellsvile I have been developing a "To Do" list of things that need fixing, replacing, adjsuting, etc.  As of yesterday morning it had reached 9 items, so I decided it was time to knock a few off the list.  The first, which has been bugging me for some time, was to remove the exhaust fan in the shower.  It has developed a loud vibration over the last few months that would come and go, but now it has mostly come and not leaving, so it was time to deal with it.  

I removed the vent cover inside the shower and discovered that I would have to go on the roof to remove the cowling in order to loosen the two bolts holding it in place.  So a one person, small remove and clean job now required 2 people....TLE in the shower to catch the fan assembly after I (on the roof) loosened the two bolts.  Once that was accomplished I took the fan into the "garage" to remove the fan blade from the 12 volt electric motor.  Everything seemed to be fine, except both the motor and fan blade had 30 years of dirt and grime build up.  I cleaned the fan blade thoroughly, and did the same with the motor.  I also put a little penetrating oil on the shaft where it enters the motor and then ran it using my 12 volt bench tester to power the oil was pulled down the shaft it began to run more smoothly.  I then reassembled everything and reinstalled the fan in the bracket that holds it.  It now runs smooth and quiet!

The second item was a much less complicated one.....I noticed a week, or so ago that one of the license place lights was out.  When I looked at the wire supplying the 12 volt power I saw that it was hanging loose, and not connected to any power source, so it was just a matter of reconnecting it, which took just a few minutes.  OK, 2 down and 7 to go!

I then spent time cleaning up our road bikes, and replacing the tube in my front tire, which had developed a fast leak.  The old tube was fixable so I put a patch on it and kept it for future use.  By the time I finished cleaning up both bikes it was time for lunch, and then a short nap.

We were going to take a ride over to the lake, but TLE's foot had been bothering her from all the walking we have been doing on our temporary job, and she did not want to do anything that might cause it to get "tingly" again.  On our walk home from work last night she said here foot was doing fine, so maybe we can get that ride in Wednesday!

I got another workout in yesterday afternoon....that's 4 in the last 6 days.  Hoping to do one a day Monday through Friday this week.  That combined with walking 5 miles a night on my job should start to shed some pounds. I can tell my metabolism has increased, and I am sleeping better already.  It is amazing to me how just a little exercise done consistently produces such quick, noticeable results.  Next week we start our 10 hour shifts, and our nightly mileage will increase to 9-10 miles.  Some of our new Camper Force friends wear pedometers while they work, and are reporting 10 miles each night pretty consistently.

Our 5 hour shift went smoothly, although I spent most of the 5 hour shift on the fourth level picking books, DVD's, and CD's and it is very warm up that close to the ceiling.  I had to take a second shower when I got home.

We watched recorded episodes of Revolution and Castle to wind down, and hit the hay around 12:30am.

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