Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Close, but no cigar"

We were clearly over matched against the Belgium National Soccer Team.  They had more shots on goal by a factor of 3, or 4.  They had more corner kicks by a factor of 5, or 6.  They controlled the ball for much longer than the U.S. team, but at the end of 90 minutes of regulation time the score was tied 0-0.  Tim Howard, our goalkeeper had 12 saves during that 90 minute period, and 16 including overtime, a record for the World Cup.  We played valiantly, but ended up on the short end of the stick with Belgium prevailing 2-1.....all three goals were scored in the 30 minute over time period, and it was exciting as the U.S. just missed tying up the match in the last 10 minutes on 3, or 4 great scoring opportunities, but it was just not to be.  The World Cup is over for the USA, but it is not over, and there is a lot of great soccer yet to be played over the next 12 just will not involve the USA from this point on.

The morning game between Argentina and Switzerland also went to overtime, and was won by Argentina 1-0 on a goal scored late in the overtime period.  A majority of the "knockout round" games have gone to overtime....a testament to how evenly matched the top 16 teams are.  

In between the morning and afternoon matches TLE and I walked over to Raley's to buy some snacks for the USA vs. Belgium game, and were back by 12:45 and in our outdoor seats for the game.  We watched both games outside as it was very warm.....81 degrees by 11 am, and ultimately it got close to 90 degrees again......for the first time since March, when we were in Arizona, we had to turn on the A/C for a few hours.

Tuesday we were officially approved for hiring after passing our background checks, and we clock in officially for our first work day this Thursday at 8 am.....of course!  That is the day our 2 daughters arrive, so they will be on their own until we clock out at 4:30.  Nevertheless, we will now be working at least 3 days a week (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) for the rest of our stay here at TVC.  This week we will work Thursday, Friday and Sunday as we have rafting reservations on Saturday to raft down a section of the Truckee River out of Tahoe City with our kids.

Around 5 pm we drove up to Meyers for "Taco Tuesday" at "Divided Sky"......we ordered a couple of pints of a draft amber beer, which we thoroughly enjoyed, but frankly I was a little disappointed in their fish tacos.....the seasoning was just not there'  So far the best fish tacos we have had here in SLT are at "Steamers", which I have written about before.  We have been there twice for "Taco Friday" and loved them each time.  Yelp gives "Divided Sky" 4.5 stars so the rest of their menu must be pretty good, but just based on their fish tacos I could not go higher than 3.  We'll eat there again, and we'll see how we like the rest of their menu.

That was our Tuesday.....thanks for stopping by!

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