Thursday, July 24, 2014

Third Saturday.....

Even though Wednesday was one of two days off before we return to the "office" on Friday, I had volunteered to come in to the office to learn how to do "site checks" with Bill.  He is the only one who does them right now, which means they are only done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week.  Our busiest time is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so now I will be filling that position when on duty over the weekends.  

I arrived at the office around 9:15 and while I was waiting for Bill I helped check in a few customers.  As I have written previously, there are four sections here at TVC.....A, E, F & G, as illustrated in the site map below.

The point of doing "site checks" is two fold....before heading out on our rounds we obtain printouts of those scheduled to depart on a given day, and a second list of those scheduled to arrive, or who are already in the park.  We check to be sure those scheduled to depart are in the process of "departing" by the checkout time of 11 am.  On the printout for those departing we make notes of those sites that have someone arriving to check into those particular sites at Noon.  We only have an hour to get those sites cleaned before they are re-occupied.

Now, on the surface, it does not seem this would be a time consuming task, but indeed, as I learned through first hand experience Wednesday, it takes over 2 hours to make the rounds throughout all four sections.  One additional thing we check for are those who checked in late the night before (after office hours), or in some cases, in the previous few days, who have not "registered" at the office and paid whatever balance due they may owe for their stay. Occasionally some either forget to register (honest mistake), or who decide deliberately not to register and then leave without ever paying their balance due.  We only charge for one night's stay in advance, so if someone is staying 2-6 more days, they may get up to 6 days free if someone does not "remind" them to register.   So, in a few cases we may have to knock on a door, or leave a note for the unregistered customer to visit us in office to formally register.

Just as we finished with our site check rounds the batteries died on the golf cart, so we had to walk back to the office.....maybe a 100 yards.....and call maintenance to come tow the cart back to the office to be recharged.  In all it took us around 2 hours and 15 minutes to make the rounds.  This weekend I will be on my own, but it will be a nice break from spending all 8 hours in office each work day.

I returned home just before Noon......just in time for lunch, and then a nap......I was still tired from my weekend of fun, and then two days on my feet in the office.  Around 1:30 I went outside to finish putting away the rest of my mountain bike stuff, and finish unloading the VW.

TLE and I spent the rest of the afternoon outside, TLE inside most of the time, and then around 6 she brought out the fixings for "stir fry" to cook outside on the camp stove and the induction burner.  We sat eating, talking and just enjoying the outdoors.  The temps are quite moderate in the early evening now that we are into late July, and it stays comfortable until almost 9 pm, even in shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt.

Around 7:30 I started a fire in our portable fireplace, and were joined by our neighbors, John and Deb, who are also spending their first summer here at TVC.  They alternate between working at RV park jobs, and living on their 40+ foot sailboat down in Mexico during the winter.  In their prior lives John was a "shipwright" for 35 years in the Oxnard, CA area, and Deb was a real estate agent.  They now spend 6 months on their sailboat, and 6 months in their 5th wheel trailer trying to be where it is not hot most of the time.

Third Saturday was a good day, and I am looking forward to 4th Saturday before we return to the "office" for the weekend shift.

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