Thursday, July 17, 2014


Around 10 am Wednesday we mounted our Cannondale bikes and began a leisurely ride eastbound on Tahoe Blvd. out to Lakesore Drive.  We hadn't visited a couple of thrift stores out that way for a while, so we thought we would just make 3rd Saturday a "junking day".  It' just a little over 4 miles to the first thrift store, and we both enjoyed the still cool morning air as we trundled eastward.  Unfortunately, there is still some residual construction winding up in that area and both stores were closed due to the construction interruption, so we made a "U" turn and begin our trek back westward where we found "The Attic" open for business.....TLE found a couple of paperbacks she couldn't live without.....nothing caught my attention.  Then it was off to "Mountain Treasures" where nothing was found by either of us.  Next up was "Tahoe Merchant" (right next to the 7-11 Store), and then "Connie's Clothesline".  Once again TLE found a pair of earrings at "Connie's Clothesline" for $6 that tickled her fancy.  

By this time it was closing in on Noon time so we decided to stop at "Alpina Coffee Cafe" just a 1/2 block from Connie's.  We've ridden by "Alpina" many times since we arrived back in May, but never stopped.  It is a funky cafe/coffee shop and we enjoyed our refreshments a lot.  TLE had ice coffee with, get this, coffee ice cubes....never heard of that before.  I had my usual warm day moca frappuccino (called a "moca shake" at Alpina).  They get a solid 4 stars from Yelp, and we would have to agree.

After that delightful interlude we headed back to TVC, and our coach.  By the time we arrived home it was time to turn on the A/C once again, and spend some time cooling down.  While I was relaxing I checked eBay for the delivery status of my new Delorme 2014 Street Atlas I had ordered to install on the "new" HP Netbook I got a few weeks ago.  I had the same program on my old HP Netbook that bit the dust just before we arrived at TVC, but the maps were from 2011, and were a little outdated.  To my surprise it had just been delivered to the Registration Office (a day early) so I took a walk over to pick it up.  When I arrived Duane (the new manager) was in his office, so I leaned in to say "HI!".  He looked up and said, "I have something for you!".....I asked "is it our employee numbers",  and he answered, yes, and I have your paychecks".......wait, what?  The way things have been going I was beginning to think we might be lucky to see one big check at the end of the summer.  So, now it is official, we will be "clocking" in and out like everyone else, no longer writing our times down on a piece of paper, and seeing an actual paycheck every other week.  The last thing I was expecting Wednesday was that we would receive our first paychecks, but that is exactly what happened.

I spent the next couple of hours installing the new Delorme program on the Netbook, and then testing it to be sure everything worked, and it did.  One of the upsides to the "new" Netbook is it has Windows 7, more ram, a faster processor, and a bigger hard drive, so everything runs faster than the old Netbook with Windows XP.  I've already laid in the course up to Cape Blanco Lighthouse for our departure after Labor Day.

Later in the evening, after dinner (chicken salad), we took a walk around the park while it was still light and stopped off at Bill and Debby's to chat for a while.  Eventually we were joined by John and Deb (our neighbors in "E" section).  It was a nice unplanned get together....of course we exchanged our first impressions of Duane, and so far Debby likes some of the changes in the office.  As you can imagine, whenever a new "guy" comes on board there is a little tension as you await the "changes".  So far it is all good, and he seems like a good guy who knows what he's about.

Around 9 we began our "amble" home with John and Deb, stopping off briefly at the "tent" to  listen to some "Karaoke".  The singing was not great, but I am always impressed with anyone who will get up in front of strangers and sing, whether, or not they have any talent.

That was our Wednesday.....thanks for stopping by!

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