Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 9 - Getting Comfortable...

Tuesday was another work day for moi......TLE* does not work again until Friday.    My work day began once again at 9:30 am.  Apparently the first hour and a half (office opens at 8 am) were quite hectic, but none of that was in evidence as I clocked in for my day of labor.

I had barely settled in front of one of the terminals when my first customer of the day approached.  It was another of the "reservations for next summer" folks, so I advanced my screen to July of 2015, and the future is where I spent the better part of the day.

So far we have worked at Amazon (for compensation + RV site), the Indy 500 (for compenstion + RV site), the Sugar Beet Harvest (for compensation + RV site), as camp hosts at Ranch Jurupa Regional Park (twice---no compensation, but free RV site), and now in the office of Tahoe Valley Campground (compensation + RV site at 1/2 cost).  Next to Rancho Jurupa this is my favorite job of all.  While we are only being paid minimum wage ($9/hour here in California) we get to spend the entire summer at Lake Tahoe, and we get to work with a great group of people.....and I mean that sincerely.  As we have talked with some of the "old timers" who have been returning to TVC** for 15-19 years, they all agree it is the people who draw them back each summer.  We would both have to agree.......the main reason we plan to return next summer is the people..... and,  of course,  LAKE TAHOE!!

Duane, the new on site manager, is settling into his new position quite well.  The first few days he was, compared to the rest of our lot, dressed quite formally, but on Tuesday he arrived replete in cargo shorts, tennis shoes, and the ubiquitous green TVC staff t-shirt.....he is now one of us!

There is really not much else to relate about Tuesday, except that I am really enjoying my time in the office working and chatting with the customers.  I did learn how to pump propane, so I can fill in when someone from "Maintenance" is not available, and Wednesday I will ride around with Bill (of "Bill and Debby's Wild Ride" fame) learning how to do site checks (making sure people who are supposed to have left, have actually left, etc.).  TLE will learn how to "open" the TVC office starting next Tuesay, and it looks as if, beginning next Tuesday, we will begin to work 4 days a week......they are a little short staffed in the office, as they often are each summer, and if TLE and I work one additional day per week, it will take a little pressure off everyone else.  Since we didn't start working until July 3rd we have had a pretty easy summer so far, and working the extra day will help us recoup a little of the money we lost by not working the first 7 weeks.

On the other hand, we had that first 7 weeks to really explore SLT***, seeing and doing everything we wanted to do, so now that we only have 3 days off each week, it is okay.

Thanks for stopping by!

* TLE = The Lovely Elaine
** TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground
***SLT = South Lake Tahoe

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