Thursday, July 10, 2014

Third Saturday......

We wanted to take a ride on the tandem, and we wanted to watch the semi-final World Cup match between the Netherlands and Argentia, which was scheduled for a 1 pm start, so we headed out to do the loop I did a week, or so ago on my single bike.  In order to assure ourselves of enough time to do the ride, stop at a thrift shop, or two, and maybe get a Starbucks frappuccino before the game we left around 9:15 am to begin the 16.9 mile loop shown below courtesy Google Maps.

There was still a crisp feeling in the air as we pedaled southward on HWY 89, then eastward on Pioneer Trail (part of the iconic Lincoln Highway).  I like this loop because it has a lot of ups and downs until you get back to Tahoe Blvd. making for a good workout.  The last 5 miles back to the campground are mostly flat, and provide a nice cooling down period.

I think this is only the second time we have ridden the tandem since we arrived in SLT*, and we really need to do this more often, but, of course, that requires the agreement of two people.  I think I've got TLE agreeing to do this ride more often.  

We stopped off at a thrift store we had not visited since our first week here.  They have a large selection of used tools there, and each time I have visited I have come away with something I needed, and this visit was no exception.  I bought a wood splitting "wedge" and an electrical cord "pigtail" that I can plug into one of my extension cords to give myself 3 outlets instead of one.

From there we headed back to the "Y" (intersection of HWY's 50 and 89) stopping at a local bike shop called "South Shore Bikes" to pick up a couple of inner tubes for the tandem and my Cannondale Bad Boy.  The other reason we had not ridden the tandem was because there was a pretty bad leak in the front tire.

Then it was over to Starbucks to grab an "everything bagel" and a couple of frappucinno's.  We arrived back home around 11:30 in time to take our showers, and settle in to watch the aforementioned World Cup match.

The boys from the "House of Orange" taking the pitch

The match was scoreless at half time, which was no surprise.  Neither of these teams gave up very many goals to get to this game, and neither team scores very many goals.  At half time I got an e-mail notification that our replacement DirecTV DVR had been delivered by FedEX so I walked over to pick it up.  To my surprise the new burner module for our Sea-B-Que BBQ had also arrived.....YAY!  Two projects to jump on after the match is over.

The second half of the Netherlands vs. Argentina also ended scoreless, so it was off to a 30 minute overtime in guessed it....neither team managed to score a goal.  So it was down to the "Kicks from the Mark" lottery.  Argentina won the lottery 4 kicks to was not the Netherland's day.  So, the final on Sunday will pit Germany against Argentina.  These teams have met two times previously in the World Cup final and split those first two meetings.  Regrettably, TLE and I will be working Sunday in the TVC** office and will miss the match.

After the match was over I installed the replacement DVR and our DirecTV service was restored!  Next up I installed the new burner in the Sea-B-Que taking just 20 minutes to do so.   I am amazed that I was able to buy this replacement burner from the manufacturer (Dickinson Marine) for a BBQ they manufactured 32 years ago, and it fit perfectly.  The first burner lasted 32 years, so I think this is the last time in my lifetime I will have to worry about replacing it!

Since the BBQ was now working up to its full potential once again we decided to christen the new burner by grilling some salmon steaks for dinner.  TLE made a great salad to go along with the steaks, which we chased with a little "Zin".

We watched "So You Think You Can Dance" and headed off to was a good day.  Thursday we return to the workaday world in the TVC** office.

Thanks for stopping by!

* SLT = South Lake Tahoe
** TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground

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