Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 8 - Back in the saddle

Since I had the weekend off I had two more days of work in the TVC office to complete beginning Monday.  Thankfully I had the late shift starting at 9:30 am, so I was able to sleep in a little.  When you are doing a lot of down hill riding on a mountain bike you spend about 80-90% of the time standing on your pedals......it's much more comfortable than sitting due to the rough terrain you are riding over.  Instead of  taking all the energy generated by the bumps directly to your bum, you use your legs to absorb the bumps.  It's been a few years since I did this much down hill so I had forgotten how sore your thighs can get from close to 50 miles of standing on those pedals.  The end result was a lot of residual soreness Monday morning, and, of course, I spent most of the day standing before the various computer terminals in the office, so I was continually reminded of all the fun I had over the weekend.

If all Monday's are like this Monday I think I would like to work more of them......we worked steadily, but there was never the "crush" of humanity standing three, or four deep all day.  I began my day working at the cashier position, and occasionally jumped over to an open registration terminal to fill in when someone was at lunch, or on break.  Most of the work I did this day was taking reservations for next summer.   The only real problem I handled Monday was helping a lady who had made a reservation back in early June for July 24th....unfortunately the RCC (Reservation Call Center) in Floriday had made her reservation for June 24th!  She had called to confirm her reservation when we discovered the problem.  We were able to find one RV site that fit her criteria, and move her deposit from the incorrect, already expired reservation forward.  All's well that ends well, right?

There is really not much else to report about my 8th day in the TVC office, which, in hindsight, is a good thing......it means nothing much out of the ordinary occurred.  We had a lovely partly cloudy day with no power outages, no lightning, no torrential down pours, so all was good in the land of Tahoe Valley Campground.

We started the day with fewer than 50 check ins expected, and finished with fewer than 10 who had yet to arrive.

I have to say, it was nice coming home to find TLE all chipper and full of good humor since she had spent the day relaxing from her three day work weekend.  She had made up a batch of her wonderful salsa from scratch, done some shopping, and caught up on a lot of her cooking programs.

We finished the evening watching "Longmire", "Masterchef" and a new Gordon Ramsey show called "Hotel Hell".  It's good to be back home, and back into my routine, but memories of a great weekend just passed will put a smile on my face for days to come......except for that muscle soreness in my thighs.....:D

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