Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Until Next Time, and Recovery

Monday felt like so many other get away days as we said our "until next times" to our daughters, Sharon and Kate, their significant others, Rod and Nick, and my grandson, Elijah. We didn't get to spend as much time with them as we would have liked due to our initiation into the workforce here at TVC* beginning the day they arrived, but the time we did spend with them was intense, fun packed, and memorable, so I guess in the overall scheme of things it worked out just right for everyone.  

We were up by 7 am, having breakfast outside by 8, then getting our last hugs and kisses until Christmas.  The kids headed down the road a little after 9 am, and were home safe and sound by 5:45 pm.  I love the drive from here down HWY 395, and it won't be long until we drive the same route after our Amazon gig ends in late December.

Our work began just after they left, and I was glad to have something to occupy my mind for a little while, because there was a little mistiness clouding my vision.  What work you ask?  Well, no office work this day, but cleaning up, putting things back in their places, etc.  With all the kids coming in and out of the coach it got a little dirty, and between working in the office, and the activities with our kids there was no time to vacuum, or do any kind of cleraning.  And, of course, I had been storing my bikes outside the entire time the kids were here so my trailer could be used for sleeping and changing quarters.

I mentioned last Wednesday that I had bought a K2 Zed-24 mountain bike for my grandson, Elijah, to use while he was here.  It was a $65 used bike (real value about $180), and my intent was to part it out on eBay after he left, but as it turns out he likes it soooo much that I am going to hang on to it and deliver it to him when we get home in December.  I had no idea he would become so attached to it, but it's all good!  

After a couple of hours of cleaning, vacuuming, and re-organizing the trailer our little encampment was ship shape once again.  It was getting warmer, and the humidity was rising, so it was time to take a break and cool down......there was some reading, some napping, and general laziness going on for the rest of the day, so I deemed the day our "Recovery Day".  I think the combination of the kids visiting, all the fun we had, and working three 8 hour days from Thursday to Monday just took "it" out of us.

We've had to run the A/C every afternoon for the past 6 days, so summer has finally arrived to SLT**.  It looks as if the next 10 days will be more of the same.

We spent the evening watching "Masterchef" and "24" as is our routine, and were in bed a little after 10:30.  One side note here......on Sunday afternoon our DirecTV DVR receiver gave up the proverbial ghost......it rebooted right in the middle of a program we were watching, and would not come back up.  I called DirecTV Monday afternoon, did some over the phone diagnostic work with them, and was informed very quickly by Brandon (the CSR) they would be shipping a new receiver to me via FedEX to arrive Wednesday.  I don't know if I have said this before, but DirecTV has the greatest customer service.  I have been a subscriber since 2004, and have never had one thing to complain about.  They have no problem with the fact I use my DVR in my motorhome, and they did not make me jump through any hoops to do so.

Thanks for stopping by!

* TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground
** SLT = South Lake Tahoe

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