Sunday, July 13, 2014

The pause that refreshes.....

Saturday, our one day reprieve from the "Office" and its attendant stress, we just relaxed all day.  There was the World Cup game between Holland and Brazil for 3rd place, which was won easily by Holland 3-0.  So after going over 39 years without losing a competitive home field match Brazil has lost two games in the last 4 doubt Brazil soccer will see some changes in personnel in the near future.

Of course, as usual, I get ahead of myself.......the World Cup match began at 1 pm, and was over by 3 pm, so what did we occupy ourselves with the rest of the day?  We were both still kind of full from Taco Friday at Steamer's, so we had a late breakfast.  Before that I took care of a few tasks around camp including dumping the black tank, and then wiping the VW down.  As the summer progresses we are beginning to find that the pine trees are dropping sap.  I will need to stay on top of that to keep it from hardening and then becoming very difficult to remove.  I'm thinking I need to get up on the roof of the coach in the next few days to check it out, too.

While I was occupied with these tasks TLE walked over to Raley's to pick up some eggs, bacon, and a few other breakfast type items.  When she returned around 11 am we commenced making breakfast.  I had bacon "duty", and TLE took care of the fried potatoes, English muffins, and fried eggs.  I cooked the bacon using the Sea-B-Que with its new burner, which worked great.  We sat down to a great breakfast around 11:30.....nothing like the smell of bacon and potatoes cooking outside!

All the while TLE was running small loads of dirty laundry through the "Splendid Splendide" washer/dryer.  So far we have been able to keep up with our laundry without utilizing the large laundry here at TVC too costs about $3.50 in quarters to do one load (wash and dry).  The cost to use our Splendide?  Zero.

As I mentioned previously we settled in to watch the World Cup 3rd place match around 1 pm, and it was finished just before 3 overtime this day.....just a straight forward 90 minute match.  Sunday the final match between Germany and Argentina will begin at 11 am while we are working.  Nothing to be done about that, so we are recording it to view later this evening.....that is if we can avoid hearing the outcome before we get off work.

Around 6:30 I turned on the BBQ again to grill some some filet mignons for dinner.  TLE supplied sides of her amazing mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Of course, there was a little vino (Blue Fin Pinot Noir from TJ's) to enhance the experience.  

Around 8:30 we headed out for a walk around the entire park, which is pretty much at 95% capacity this weekend.  As always, I am amazed at how so many people can be in one place with relatively little loud behavior......however, there is always the exception.  So far in our two months here at TVC we have not been disturbed by any late night/early morning revelry, but early Saturday morning (2 am) I was awakened by some dozen "tenters" who were still up going strong.  They were behaving as if it was 2 pm, not 2 am.  They finally ran out of gas around 2:45 am, and order was once again restored.   We made sure Billy was aware of the problem Saturday morning and he held a "Coming to Jesus" meeting with them.  As we began our walk we noted, with satisfaction, that the aforementioned "disturbers of the peace" were using their indoor voices, and, in fact, there were no disturbances all night.

We stopped off briefly at the large tent where evening activities are held.....this night they were showing a movie called "The Lorax", an animated children's movie, that was well attended by children and adults.  Free popcorn is provided for those attending.

It was a very restful day, and I'm glad we just basically "chilled" out all we are ready to head back to the TVC Office Sunday for our final work day this week.

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