Saturday, July 12, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 5 - 5th Saturday......NOT!!!!

For me to characterize Friday (this week anyway) as 5th Saturday would be a serious breach of retirement etiquette, and would, for sure, shame me in front of my good retired friend, Tom McCloud, who coined the term.  The "Saturday" like quality of Friday lasted until we started our shift in the TVC Office at 10 am.  It started off innocently enough......there were no customers in the office at 10 am when we opened the office door and entered.  Everyone behind the counter had this serene look on their collective mugs.....I was thinking "this might not be a difficult day after all".......HA!  

It started slowly with a few innocent phone calls, then the roof fell in......figuratively.  The phone never stopped ringing all day, and was still ringing as we ended our shift at 6:30.  At points during the afternoon the line was 3-4 deep at each terminal, and at one point around 3:45 pm the line of RV's waiting in line to be registered ran back out to the street outside the park.  I remember hearing Billy (office manager) quip at one point......."and here I thought the 4th of July weekend would be the worst of the summer".  As difficult as the 4th weekend was there were few problems......just massive quantities of people.  Friday it seemed as if everyone who came in had a problem.  Fortunately everyone performed well, and we all helped each other out when it was needed.....the maintenance guys were very impressed with how quickly we handled the number of RV's and people coming into the park over that 2 hour period.

Of course, not only was the registration desk jammed most of the afternoon, so was the store.....there was a steady stream of parents, and kids roaming the isles of the store buying this and that.

Early afternoon the gentleman I wrote about Thursday who wanted assistance to insert his 40' Class A motorhome in site 141 arrived, so I got in the golf cart and led him to the site.  Of course, the 2 RV's that were on either side of his site on Thursday had left, and were replaced by two much larger RV's, making the seemingly simple task (as viewed on Thursday) significantly more difficult on Friday.  Nevertheless, with my help directing we got his motorhome into the site without harming any small animals, kids, or personal property.  How we're going to get him out of there in a week I have no idea.......:)

I don't want to leave the wrong impression about Friday, or our experience here at TVC in difficult as Friday was, deep down inside,  I enjoyed the challenge, and I enjoyed the praise for a job well done.  It is great to work with co-workers, and a manager who are quick to praise a good effort, and that is what we have here.  Both TLE and I comment almost every day as we walk home from the office how supportive everyone is here.....there are seemingly no egos.....everyone wants to do a good job, and solve problems.

TLE and I had agreed Thursday night that we would head over to Steamer's for Fish Taco Friday after work, and that is exactly what we did.  It was close to 7 pm by the time we arrived, and we were able to quickly secure a table in the patio area.  Within minutes our server was at our table taking our order for two pints of Guiness Stout, and 2 fish tacos each.  Within 30 minutes, or so an acoustic group by the name of "Ike & Martin" set up their sound system and began to regale us with some great acoustic guitar tunes.  The fish tacos there are the best, followed closely by the fish tacos at "Class Cue" I wrote about a few days ago.....perfectly just want to savor every bite as slowly as possible to make them last.  

By the time my second pint of Guiness arrived the fog in my head had abated, and the remains of the clutter rattling around in my brain from my workday had been swept away.......TLE and I sat there listening to soothing tunes, and sharing the 2nd Guiness until just after that time the Friday night crowds had arrived, and the last thing we wanted was to be in the middle of another crowd, so we paid our tab and headed for the barn.

So, 5 days in the books as a working man and woman, and we are still loving our time here....thank you for stopping by!

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