Monday, July 28, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 12 - Five out of Seven

If this was baseball 5 out of 7 would be a pretty good day at the plate.....I'd be batting .714......but this is not is the TVC Office.  Sunday was the fifth day I had worked in the office out of the past 7.  That I had worked 5 out of the past 7 days was the result of my 3 days off last weekend to go mountain biking, and is an anomaly in the over all scheme of things, but it was enlightening to me.  There are a few folks here who do work 5 days a week, every week since May.   I could not do that, and I don't really want to do that, because then every day would not feel like Saturday.  Nevertheless, Sunday was, indeed, the 5th work day out of the last 7 for me.....for TLE it was the sixth work day out of the last 10.

As we did Friday and Saturday, we started our shift at 9:30 am, and stayed pretty busy all day long.  I headed out to do "site checks" around 10 am, and was finished around 12:30. Once again there were almost 150 sites checking out Sunday.  There were a few people who did not check out on time, but in the end it all worked out.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the office facing what seemed like one problem after another.  A lot of our problems stem from reservations taken by the "Call Center".  They often promise things they can't deliver, and we suffer the consequences.  Problems like one gentleman who arrived believing he had a pull through site, full hookups, and 50 amp electrical service. The site he was booked into was a water and electric only site, not pull through, and only had 30 amp.  I totally get his point of's "our" him the "Call Center" and the TVC Office are one in the same.  All you can do at that point is apologize, and then work your butt off trying to find a site that remotely resembles what he was expecting.  Then there was the lady who also arrived expecting a pull through site, and, in fact, was expecting to be in a specific site (providing lots of shade) she had requested when she spoke with the "Call Center".  What she got was a back in space, with sun exposure most of the day.  The "Call Center" promised she would have the site she requested, but TVC doesn't guaranty that you will get the site you want, and we spend a great deal of time giving the "disclaimer speech" whenever some requests a specific site.  Most of the time we can deliver their requested site, but on occasion we cannot, therefore the need for the "disclaimer".

There are many more examples I could relate, but you get the point.  Some days are like that in the customer service business, and you just have to "roll with the punches".  At the end of the day we were able to solve 99% of the problems to the customer's satisfaction, and I think that is a pretty good average.  Of course, I spend my time thinking about the 1% I couldn't satisfy, wondering what else I could have done.  Like everyone in the office, I want to see people leaving the office with a smile on their face......not a frown.

We headed for home around 6:15 pm thankful we have a day off Monday......I admire those who work 5 days a week, but after 3 days in a row my brain is fried......:D

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