Sunday, July 27, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 11 - Yasgur's Farm

Real Saturday began much like 5th Saturday with TLE and I making the walk to the TVC* office around 9:20 am.  Our start time for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is 9:30.  On Tuesday TLE will start at 7:30 am to do her training for "Opening"....I'll start at 8.

On Saturday the "Departure List" had 150 sites being vacated, so my site check rounds took quite a while to complete.  Now that I'm getting out every work day in the golf cart to make my rounds I'm becoming more familiar with the layout of the campground, and Saturday was a much better experience, plus I had the chance to stop and talk with a few campers about their experience staying here.  By the time I returned to the office almost half my shift had expired. 

Meanwhile, back at the office, life was quite hectic according to TLE.  There were many, many calls from people trying to find out if we had a site for one, or two maybe, but two.....almost non existent.  Our per day price for a non-hookup tent site is $44, which, by comparison to most places we have stayed over the years, is quite pricey.  We rarely pay more than $40 for a full hookup spot, but this is a popular resort area and the prices at most private campgrounds in the area are comparable.  Nevertheless, quite often after we have found a site for the caller, and they are still basking in the elation of the moment, once they hear the price they often end the call advising they will check other options and call back.  In most cases those calling at the last minute for one night are traveling on a tight budget, and are used to paying about half that amount.  This is not a criticism of the pricing policies for TVC*.  They (Encore Resorts) charge what the market will bear, and the success of that pricing policy is evidenced by how full we are on a daily basis.  Back in our workaday lives we were on the other side of the counter handing over our credit card to pay those high resort prices at Zephyr Cove (Nevada side of Lake Tahoe), and Meeks Bay Resort (California side, south of Tahoe City), so I understand the mentality of paying those high prices just to be at Lake Tahoe for a week.  Would we do that now?  No...we live on a modest fixed income, so we try to stay at places like Lake Tahoe in the "off season" when rates are more palatable, or, as we are doing this summer, trade labor for a highly reduced rate. 

We were off duty by 6 pm, and walking back to our coach when someone asked if we were coming back later to hear "Yasgur's Farm" band play some 60's and 70's tunes.  That was not on my mind at the time, but we decided to answer in the affirmative, and after dinner walked back to the big tent for the evening's entertainment.  For those who may not remember, Max Yasgur owned the dairy farm in the Catskils where the 1969 Woodstock Festival was held.  

"Yasgur's Farm Band"

We spent about an hour singing along to tunes from our youth, and I was impressed with the job the band did covering so many iconic tunes from the 60's and 70's.  We were joined by many, if not all, of our workamper friends here at TVC, and were very glad we took the time to spend an hour at the performance even though we were tired from our day of labor.

We were home and in bed by 10:30 looking forward to Sunday's shift, and our day off on Saturday.

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