Friday, July 18, 2014

TVC Office - Day # 7 - Easy Peezy

I don't know why I always fret about my ability to adapt to a new job, or skill set.  It seems that in spite of my misgivings I always pick up the knowledge pretty quickly, and find my comfort zone in a short period of time........and that has been the case with my clerical position in the TVC Registration Office.  I started day # 7 in the office sans TLE who has a different work schedule this week than I due to my taking off this weekend to drive down to Mammoth Mountain to ride in their mountain bike park with good friends from SoCal.  To accommodate me Debby scheduled me for Thursday this week, and Monday, Tuesday next week giving me Friday, Saturday and Sunday to "play".

I started my day at 8 am, and the flow of customers was steady, but never overwhelming......just the kind of day I like, because when you stay busy the time seems to fly by.  We had way fewer problems with arriving customers being misplaced in sites that would not fit their RV configuration.  A big chunk of the day for me was helping customers make reservations for next summer in their favorite spots.

Around mid afternoon the forecast thunder storm arrived....with the first sounds of thunder I was sent to the pool to close it down.  The last place one wants to be in a lightning storm in waste deep in water in an exposed area.  The many customers were very co-operative, and within minutes I was locking the gate.

Just after I returned to the office the skies opened up with much, much needed rainfall, if only for an hour, or so.  By the time I clocked out at 4:30 pm the rain had ceased, but was nice to see the effect of the rain....all the dust and pollen had been settled, and a sweet smell lingered in the air.

I spent the early evening taking care of a few chores including dumping the black tank for didn't need it yet, but would probably need it by Saturday.  This is not a task she relishes....she knows how to do it, but really prefers that I handle it.  Then it was time to move the car around and insert the Yakima bike rack into the receiver hitch, but there was a minor glitch.....the battery had died, and it is probably time to replace it.  I think I left the XM radio receiver on from the other day, which by itself should not have run the battery down, so it is probably on its last legs.  Fortunately we were able to push the car around to the front passenger side where the coach house batteries are located, and jump start it.  If it's hard to start Friday morning I'll need to replace the battery for sure.  Once the car was started I went ahead and drove over to the Raley's fuel station to fill the tank up for my trip....I was able to use one of TLE's .50 cent off coupons to buy the 12+ gallons of 91 octane gas, but still paid $3.75 per gallon....gas is really expensive up here.....diesel is actually cheaper in many cases.

We closed out the evening watching "Hell's Kitchen", and were in bed by 10:30.

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  1. I am watching the "American Century Championship" from Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. Looks likea beautiful day. Also heard that a few of the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers are in the area taking the weekend off. Names like Danica Patrick and Ricky Steinhouse(boyfriend). Also Denny Hamlin. Have a great time mountain biking.


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