Saturday, March 14, 2015


When we ordered the iPad Mini for TLE on Thursday we decided on the spot to stay in Camp Verde for 3 more nights (we were scheduled to leave on Saturday) so we can pick it up in Prescott on Monday before we head north to Page on Tuesday.  Since we are not leaving on Saturday we decided to make a run into the west side of Sedona to hike the Airport Mesa Trail, which is a 4.5 mile loop around the airport, which as the name suggests, is on the top of a mesa.  The hike offers '360 degree views of the surrounding Sedona rock formations.

The other night after I had installed the new trailer lights I had TLE turn on the running lights so I could be sure the tail lights worked.....they didn't.  At that point I was totally bummed, and could not imagine what was wrong because the flashers and turn signals worked as they should.  I thought maybe I had crossed a couple of wires, but that didn't make sense, so I decided to start trouble shooting the trailer light problem Friday morning.  The old lights had labels on the back next to each colored wire indicating its purpose, but new ones did not.  Ultimately, after removing one of the lights, and disconnecting the wires, I found that the labels were under the lens where the wires came through the backing, and I discovered I had chosen the wrong wire as the ground.  What puzzles me is how the flashers and turn signals worked not grounded.  Nevertheless, once I hooked up the wires correctly everything worked.  Now all the lights work on the trailer for the first time in a couple of years.....I even got two marker lights working that had not worked in a while.....the grounds were loose, of course.

We left around 1:15 pm to drive to Sedona and arrived at the Airport Mesa Trailhead about 2 to find the trailhead parking lot full!  It is a pretty small parking lot, and there is no other option within 1/2 a mile where you can park legally, so we went to plan 'B'.....back when we first arrived at the NFS land to boondock we took the bikes into Sedona one day for a ride, and on our way back to the car from lunch I passed the 'Adobe Jack Trail' parking lot just off 89A about 3/4's of a mile west of the 'Y' (intersection of 89A and 179), which was less than a 1/4 mile east of Airport Drive, so we headed there.  As it turned out there was plenty of parking there so we pulled in and got ready to hike. 

The 'Adobe Jack Trail' is on private land within the Coconino National Forest, but is quite extensive as you can see fro the picture of one of the many trail maps along the various trails.....we chose to hike 'Adobe Jack' up to 'Power Line Plunge' over to 'Grand Central', and back to the trailhead via 'Crusty'.....3 miles in all, and it was a 'loop' because we followed the signs.

'Adobe Jack Trail' map

 Not as many great views at the Airport Mesa Loop, but nice nevertheless

We finished about 4 pm and decided to reprise Oak Creek Brewing for some brews and another Simon's Hotdog.  We sat outside enjoying the warm afternoon air, eating popcorn and peanuts and sipping a couple of Choclolate Cherry Porter's (seasonal) for an hour, or so before ordering our hotdogs.....for me, once again, the 'Sonoran Cousin' and for TLE the 'Wunderhund' (click here to see the menu).

 'Sonoran Cousin'

We were home by 6 with big smiles on our faces.......just in time to see the sunset....oh, just in case you were wondering about the is Sedona spelled backwards.....:-)

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