Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Just when I think 'amazing' and 'glorious' cannot be topped I am once again proved the fool. During a long afternoon of repose in my recliner I began to notice a large cloud bank rolling in from the northwest.  As I commented to TLE, the weather cannot sneek up on you out here where you can see 12 miles in any direction.  You can see rain falling miles and miles away, and you can usually tell whether you are in its path long before it arrives.  Yesterday was such a day, but the way the sun hit the rock formations just across the lake, and the vivid colors in the clouds as they skidded across the southern sky far exceeded my poor ability to describe, so I'm going to let a few chosen pictures try and convey how magical it seemed and felt late first Saturday afternoon....

 Rain falling just a few miles to the south

 Just before sunset the clouds parted just enough to give us this indescribable light show

This picture is a good example of my thesis'....if you take enough pictures you'll get one, or two that are real keepers....these two really did capture what I was seeing.
Layer upon layer of clouds

The rest of first Saturday was what we have come to expect......balmy air, crystal clear views, a long walk, reading (by the way I started reading a new author recommended by my good friend, and brother-in-law Glenn......James Lee Burke), and early evening fire.  

One sort of big piece of news for us is they finally de-winerized the dump station (the water was turned off when we arrived two weeks ago to avoid freezing) so when we dump, which we will need to do soon, we will have water to flush the tank, plus fresh water to replenish our fresh water tank.  The black tank is at about 90% of full right now.  On the fresh water front we have only used about 1/2 of the 140 gallons we arrived with, so since we only have three days left before lift off we treated ourselves to 'semi-long' showers last night.....5 minutes of blissful, uninterrupted hot water each!

Our solar panels once again topped off our house batteries reaching 100% about 3 pm, so that is the 6th time in 13 days we have reached 100%.

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  1. Ken Wessels ( Amazon )April 1, 2015 at 8:46 PM

    Great pictures. I got some good ones while boondocking south of San Antonio, TX last spring.


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