Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boondocker's Delight!

 Lone Rock has been one of my favorite boondocking sites since were arrived here just under a year ago (early April 2014).  One of the things I love about the American Southwest are the long views, and giant horizons, and Lone Rock has it all.  When we boondock our site must have the 'it factor', and Lone Rock has the 'it factor' in spades.  The only sound you hear is that of the light wind as it softly flaps the window awnings.  The over night temps only get into the high 40's with the highs in the 60's and 70's, which reduces the loss of amp hours from our house batteries.  Overnight down in Cottonwood where it got into the low 30's, and high 20's overnight we would lose 10-12 percentage points on our charge, but here we are losing just 7-8 overnight.  On top of all that we are getting 3 bars of blazing fast 4G!  In fact, this is the best broadband we have had in a long while, which just makes this site off the charts at $5/day.

Around 9 I decided to finish 'glamming' up our site by putting out the awning mat, lounge chairs, the outdoor fireplace, and Malibu lights.

Around 10 am we decided to take a walk out to HWY 89 and back, which is about 3.2 miles round trip......

Walkin' the access road back from HWY 89

In order to get our total up to 4 miles we continued on past our site down to the bathhouse nearer the to the all we covered 4.2 miles.

TLE needed to pick up some bottled water for the next two weeks so we drove into Page around 11 am.  First we stopped at the local visitors center to pick up a few brochures, then it was off to lunch at Big John's Texas BBQ.  We have some friends coming through Page around the first of April and we needed to check out a restaurant for lunch.  There are not a lot of 'knock your socks' off restaurants in page, but Big John's gets 4 solid stars from Yelp on 98 reviews, so we decided that might be the place.

The cool smoker with the double semi 'stacks'....very cool.

Al Fresco dining with buckets of peanuts.....our kind of place

We ordered their sampler plate and a couple of Grand Canyon Amber Ales to chase the great BBQ, and was it ever good.....we sat outside (see above) and enjoyed the ambiance.........Forest and Cindy, if you read the blog, this is where we will meet you on April 1st!

After a quick stop at Walmart we were back home by 2 pm to enjoy the afternoon breezes and views.  There was a message posted on my blog yesterday about how low the water level is getting here at Lake Powell, and it is way down, but after comparing a picture I took of Lone Rock a year ago with one taken this morning I think the lake is up slightly over last year at this time.....what is your opinion?

Taken in early April, 2014...note the exposed 'beach' on the right of the rock

Taken this morning, March 18th. 2015....the 'beach' on the right side is gone...the water is definitely a little higher than last year

Around 5 pm we decided to go outside with a bottle of wine to watch the colors change in the distance as the sun began its daily descent to the western I said.....long view, big horizon!

We turned on the TV long enough to watch a two hour episode of Survivor, and were in bed by least I was.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. There's about 20' more water this year than last year. A graph showing the last five years is available at


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