Sunday, March 22, 2015


" should never expect too much of time.   No man who begins a journey knows how it will end.  Nor when." -- from the book entitled Callaghen by Louis L'Amour

One of the best things, and there are many, about being retired, and being a nomad is time has a little less influence on your life.  By virtue of the lifestyle you have chosen you tend to find yourself disconnected from people, places and things that tend to make you more conscious of what day it is, or what time of day it is.  You tend to think of your days as being proscribed by each sunrise and sunset.....everything in between is occupied only by things which have importance to you that particular day.  The quote shown above from a book by Louis L'Amour which I am currently reading really brought that home to me last night.  It reminded me to focus more on the now, and less on tomorrow, or the next day.  Why waste time thinking, let alone worrying, about a point in time you haven't yet reached, and for that matter, may never reach.  

My days are numbered like those of every other human being on earth......I don't know when my 'day' will come, but it is out there as assuredly as the next sunset, or sunrise, and is fast, or how slow no one knows.  The only thing I know for sure right now as I write this short post is what is important to me today......telling Elaine I love her......treating her kindly......kissing her again......enjoying each minute of each day I have left with her......wondering what small, or big thing I can do for her today to make her life better.  Yesterday, and tomorrow have no place in my thoughts today.....only today matters....why?  Because today I woke up to another sunrise....I was able to step outside to feel the warm sunshine of a new day on my face one more time.  I feel blessed to gaze one more time upon the long view to the southeast which just instills a sense of serenity and peace in me that is hard to verbalize.

Today is called Sunday, but to me it is one more day I have been granted to live well.......a day full of hope and promise....another day where time is unimportant, and only "now" has any significance.

Another day lived well....

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