Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 11

We've now been here at Lone Rock for 11 days, and with the exception of our drive up to Kanab a few days ago we have pretty much spent most every day just sitting outside, taking walks, and reading.  The surroundings, the climate, the views, the clarity of the air are all just captivating, and it just seems so timeless.  There are times, like this morning, when I wonder why we are moving on later in the week.  Of course, our next two stops also have the 'it factor', and no doubt when it is time to move on from them I will wonder the same thing.

We only got our house batteries back to 97% on Saturday, but that was due to me watching a lot of 'March Madness' basketball off the inverter.  All things being equal I am elated that we are still getting the batteries back into the high 90's into our 12th day (today).

We still have close to 90 gallons of fresh water left in our tank, so we could go, seemingly, three weeks.  Our biggest limiting factor is the black tank, and right now it's a close call if we will make it to Thursday, which would mean 16 days without dumping.  We may have to dump in the next couple of days, but it's all good......the dump station is not that far from our camp, so it would just be a matter of driving the coach up there (sans trailer), dumping, and then returning to our camp.

The daytime highs have now reached the low 80's, and the night time lows are in the low 50's......ideal conditions!

That's pretty much it....oh, Notre Dame came oh so close to unseating #1 Kentucky last night, but ended up losing by 2 points as the clock expired.  So, now Kentucky is 38-0 this season.....if they win the next two games they will be National Champions, and be 40-0.

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