Monday, March 30, 2015

Lone Rock Living

 I hear from friends who are a few hundred miles south of our current position talking about temperatures in the 90's already, while here at Lone Rock we have only gotten into the 80's three times in the 12 days we have been stationary here.....mostly it's the high 60's to mid 70's here and that means no A/C, and a little 'heater' when I first awake, otherwise it's short pants, t-shirts and flip flops weather.

Lone Rock attire & adult beverages

As the days pass we are mostly alone up here on the 'overlook', but we do get neighbors for a day, or two here and there.  Usually I'm out introducing myself to the new arrivals, but not so much this time around.  We have really been enjoying being by ourselves, and are trying to soak up every minute of solitude we can absorb before we find ourselves back in social situations for the next six months, or more.  Sometimes you don't realize how far down your 'social batteries' have drawn until you suddenly find yourself away from people for an extended period of time.

As we recharge the days seem to blend one into another.......pretty much all the same.....long views, big horizon, amazing sunsets, reading, napping, walking and just 'being' with my lovely Elaine.

We did manage to leave camp for about 2 hours to drive into Page to the local Safeway grocery store to do what I thought was a 'small shopping', but ended up being a 'BIG' shopping.  On the way there we drove into 'Glen Canyon National Recreation Area' to take a look at Wahweap Campground.....there is an entrance fee, but that is waived for Golden Age Passport holders such as we.   As we suspected, it (Wahweap) is quite pricey at $48/day, but it is a very nice campground....frankly, we have the same great view, and water access here at Lone Rock for $5/day.  On the way back out to HWY 89 we stopped at a scenic overlook to take a few pictures of Glen Canyon Dam.

The pictures really don't do the view justice, but you get the idea.......we were back a little after noon time, and then it was time for March Madness once again.  First up was Michigan State vs. Louisville with MSU coming out on top in a very close game. Then it was Gonzaga vs. Duke, which was a close game until Duke pulled away with 3 minutes to go.  So, the Final Four is now set, and those games will be played next weekend.

We had our evening fire a little later than normal at 7:30, but enjoyed sitting by the fire as the evening stars and moon revealed themselves in the darkening skies.  The sunset was beyond description......

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