Tuesday, March 17, 2015

No Jello here....so far....

First Saturday felt more like Real Monday to me.......there was way too much "toing and froing" as TLE would say...........

Our sole reason for remaining 3 more days in Camp Verde (other than the fact we like it here) was to wait for the arrival of TLE's new iPad Mini, which we decided to have delivered to the Verizon store in Prescott as they pretty much guaranteed they would have it by Monday, whereas not so much to Krazy K RV Park.  As it turns out they were correct.....we got a call from Jacquelan just after 10 am saying her iPad was there!

We were in the car on our way to Prescott by 10:15, and at the Verizon store by 11 am where Jacquelan helped TLE get the iPad activated, and set up with her basic programs.  TLE had backed up her old iPad to the 'iCloud' Monday morning so it was just a matter of her downloading her stuff when we got home, which she did.

Then it was up to Costco to buy some essentials, continuing on to Trader Joe's for some more essentials, and then back down to the Fry's fuel station to fill up with premium unleaded at $2.25/gallon, which included a .30 cent discount per gallon based on earned fuel points......we were back home just before 2 pm and I was ready for a nap!

While TLE went up to the laundry to do another load of wash I continued on my quest to get ready for 'lift off' Tuesday morning.  First I filled up the fresh water tank to the full mark, and then dumped the black tank once again......our next two week stint will be dry camping up near Page, AZ so she needs to be as empty as possible when we arrive.  While I was filling and flushing the black tank a couple of times I took time to wipe off the lower half of the coach with a micro fiber towel being sure to not get too distracted and have the black tank overflow......that has happened to us all at least once, right?

Next I set up the HP Netbook because I wanted to run the 'optimization' software I downloaded the last time I used it and, hopefully, speed up the operation a tad.  The original AVG software I downloaded had a glitch in it so I was not able to complete the optimization then.  As it turned out I needed to update the software and that took over an hour, but eventually it finished and I was able to run the optimization program without any hitches.  I found out that part of my problem is I need at least 2 gigs of RAM to run Windows 7, and I only have 1 gig, so that will be something I will look into at a later date.  Nevertheless, it now runs a little faster.  Then I got a message advising I needed to update my anti-virus files and that took a long, long time......I have a theory......I believe all machines come equipped with a 'critical detector sensor'.......the built in sensor 'senses' when you need to get something done fast and it automatically kicks the machine into 'slow gear'.....it is almost as if it can detect the smell of anxiety in the air......:-).....I'm kidding, of course, but sometimes it seems so real.

Next up was TLE's need to download her 'stuff' from the 'iCloud' to her new iPad, and that took quite a while, too.  Even though we are getting 2-3 bars of 4G here we are kind of in a bowl which partially blocks the broadband signal.....at least that is my 'unproven theory'.  When we were up on the NFS land we got the same signal, but had no geographical obstructions........the signal was very consistent, and speeds were too.  

I finished putting away the final things in the trailer, dropped it back on to the hitch (I disconnect the trailer when we stay in one place for an extended time as when I walk around in the trailer you can feel it in the coach when it is hooked up, and visa versa.....gets a little irritating to TLE, or even me after a while) so we are officially ready to ROLL!

The 'March Madness' teams have been selected, and the four brackets filled, so let the madness begin!

Thanks for stopping by!

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