Saturday, March 28, 2015

Are you Nü?

Our first year on the road we joined a online group called Nü Rvers.  Why, you might ask?  After all we were not 'new' RVers, we had been RVing for about 7 years by that time.  It seems a lot of people see the  RVers Facebook page and join (without reading the 'about' section) thinking it is a place for 'New Rvers' to learn about, and ask their 101 questions about RVing, when it really has nothing to do with that at all.   refers to more of a state of mind.....young at heart, living life outside the conventional norms, not typically 'retired', but living and earning a living while traveling around the country in an RV.  You will see  Nü RVers home schooling their young children while living on the road full time.  In fact the term Nü RVers encompasses the whole range of age groups, ideals, lifestyles, interests, political and religious views available in our world today.  They are typically not a group of gray haired, retired folk that congregate in 'Over 55' RV parks in the southern latitudes of our country.  You will find them, more often than not, living 'off the grid' as much as possible.  Around a typical campfire of Nü RVers you will find all age groups socializing as equals.  Many of my best Nü RVer friends are as young, or younger as my own children, and yet I do not think of them in that way.  They are just good friends who form the backbone of our nomadic community.  

The first Nü RVer gathering we attended was in March of 2012 in Cedar Key, FL.  We had been meandering eastward along the I-10 corridor for about 6 weeks when one morning while we were in DeFuniak Springs, FL I was reading Chris and Cherie's blog which mentioned they were heading for Cedar Key, FL for some decompression time.  I had been following their blog for several years at that point and really wanted to meet them......Cedar Key was a two day drive from our location, so I sent them a message asking if it would be okay if we stopped in for a few days at Sunset Isle RV Park to meet and visit with them.  They quickly replied that it was okay, so we headed south.  What we didn't know was this would become the focal point of a Nü RVer convergence.  It was there we met so many like minded people that have become good friends over time.  We all reconvened back in Cedar Key again that December and spent weeks getting to know each other even better.

Often we, or they, will go out of their way to meet up anywhere our paths may be crossing at any given point in our travels back and forth across the USA.  There is this continual sharing of ideas, and information.  If one of us has a breakdown, or an illness we are all there to help in anyway we can.  Two summers ago are very good nomadic friends (Chris and Cherie of Technomadia) posted on Facebook that their Detroit Diesel in their vintage 1961 GM bus conversion had bit the dust in the middle of no where in Montana.  Within minutes they were getting phone calls, and messages from all around the country from other nomads, as well as the larger online bus community offering help.  Within a few hours some from the Nü RVers community, and primarily the broader 'bus' community had located a reputable repair facility where they had their bus towed.  Over the course of the several weeks they were in Billings, MT having their engine rebuilt a dozen, or more nomads, friends, blog readers, etc. stopped through and spent time with them, including ourselves.  This, to me, typifies the most important thing about who and what Nü RVers are......they are good friends who always have your back.

When we had our 'diesel fuel' incident in Melbourne, FL Chris and Cherie dropped what they were doing (they are young, and still must work for a living) and spent the afternoon, and early evening with us until we had resolved the problem.  We were so grateful for their support.   

For me this group has broadened my world view beyond belief, as well as taught me the value of acceptance.......and for that I will be eternally grateful.....

Now, what happened Friday?  Not much.....just another day living off the grid.....just another day when our batteries reached a 100% charge for the 5th time in 10 days with no generator humming in the background.....just the wonderful quiet of the high desert.  

I made the 2.6 mile run over to the local Union 76 station to fuel up the VW and buy 4 more bundles of wood for our eventide fires........

The rest of the time I spent reading a very good book on my Kindle.....and that was our 10th day of boondocking at Lone Rock.......

Thanks for dropping by!

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