Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eastbound and down....

We were up and packed by 8 am, but not yet ready to leave, so we wandered downstairs one more time to see who might be in the reunion hospitality suite.  We ended up talking for quite a long time to one couple (Dick and Vicki) who were interested in the nomadic lifestyle we lead.  I have a feeling we will be hearing from them in the near future!  Around 9:30 it was time to move our luggage downstairs and call for our car so we could get on the road.

Phyllis needed to be dropped off at the Ontario airport so she could catch a 12:30 pm flight back to DFW, and we wanted to have an early lunch with Meredith, our daughter, before leaving town again.

The outbound traffic was light so we were also able to drop by Kate's office (middle daughter) in Claremont to pick up a small box of things we had left at her house the prior week, then it was over to the airport to drop off Phyllis.  We had a wonderful time sharing a room with her the past 4 days while we were at the reunion, and it literally cut both our costs in half.....thank you Phyllis!

We met Meredith at Lazy Dog Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga just after 11 am and had a wonderful 'until next time' meal with her.

By 12:15 we were merging on to I-10 eastbound headed for the Arizona border.  Within a few miles the rain began to come down.

It rained....sometimes quite hard.....hard enough that the car began to hydroplane once, or twice when we hit unexpected puddles on the Interstate, but eventually the sun came out once again, and we were treated to an amazing rainbow that seemed end right in our lane.....what do you think?

We arrived at the Arizona border at just 3:30 pm, but, of course, we lost that hour we had gained just a week before, and it was now 4:30 pm.  We refueled, and were safe and sound at our friends home in Wittmann by 6:15.

We'll spend a couple of nights with our friends (Tom and Darlene) before heading back up to Cottonwood to retrieve our coach and trailer and resume vagabonding.

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