Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's all nuts and bolts......

Strange things begin to happen to your mind when you spend extended periods of time in the desert away from most human begin to see things as you take your mostly daily walk, which you never noticed before.  Within a few days you begin to pick up the things you're seeing and stick them in your pockets thinking...."I'm sure I can find a use for that...I'm sure....".  You begin to realize that if you just keep walking the same road day after day it won't be long until you will have collected enough material to build your own car.....seriously!  Now, you are probably wondering "...what the hell is he doing to do with that popsicle stick?"  I'm sorry, I'm not at liberty to tell you, but I will be able to put that micro fiber towel to good use for sure.  And who doesn't need a few extra washers, nuts and bolts?  I am, however, still thinking about what I can do with that stainless steel ring on the left, and the tire weight right next to it......

TLE and I have discussed the possibility (just last evening) about starting a new charitable foundation called "Bolt Rescue"......we could solicit donations (tax deductible of course), and sign up volunteers to walk the highways and biways of America rescuing nuts, bolts and washers from an untimely demise, then clean them up and put them back into circulation.  This motley collection was acquired in just a 3 day span whilst walking the 1.6 mile stretch of the Lone Rock Road up to Highway 89 and back.  I think we have the beginnings of a vintage VW Beetle, what do you think?

And while I am feeling somewhat whimsical today please watch the following YouTube video on "Daylight Saving Time" is hilarious (thank you Kirsty for sharing it on Facebook this morning....).....I laughed so hard while watching this first thing this morning I think I woke TLE up......:-)

So, as you might be imagining right now there is not a lot to report about 3rd Saturday (Wednesday for the un-initiate)......just more serenity, bliss and laziness at Lone Rock National Park.  I spent the better part of the day sitting outside in my zero gravity lounger reading a good book by Nick Russell called "Big Lake Burning", the sixth book in his popular "Big Lake" series.  Nick is a fulltimer like TLE and I (he's been at it much longer than we), and writes interesting mysteries.  Another favorite "fulltimer" author I read whenever a new book comes out is Brian Gore......just recently I finished reading his latest book called "The Horsemen", the 3rd book in his Jeb Taylor western series, which I also highly recommend.

Around 4 we took another walk up Lone Rock Road to HWY 89 and back which is where the first part of today's blog was conceived.  The wind calmed down enough for us to have another sunset fire......3rd Saturday's beverage of choice, courtesy TLE, was wine excellent choice my dear!

By the way, I left off yesterday's offering advising we began the day at 84% on our house batteries.......I ran the big genset (7.5 kilowatts) for one hour which brought them back to 90%, and then the solar panels took over from there and brought them all the way back to 98% by sundown.  We have hit the point now where the sun is high enough in the sky by 8:30 am to stop the discharge, and begin to recharge the

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