Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Madness!

We managed to get back to 97% of full charge Wednesday, and overnight the batteries only lost 7% of their charge, so we began Thursday morning at 90% of full was a little overcast so I turned on the Honda genset for an hour boosting the batteries quickly back to 93%, then shut her down.  

Around 10 the batteries were getting sufficient sunlight to put us into positive range (charging) so I turned on the inverter, and then the TV so I could begin my day of watching 'March Madness'.  How much cooler can life get?  Here I am watching game after game off the inverter while the batteries continue to fact, over the course of the day they got back to 100%!  All the while I am watching one amazing finish after another, which is what 'March Madness' is all about.  The most memorable finish for me was the UCLA vs. SMU.....UCLA was firmly in control about 5 minutes into the 2nd half with a 10 point lead, and then stopped scoring....SMU scored 19 unanswered points over the next 10-12 minutes and were suddenly up by 9 points with just 5 minutes to go.  UCLA began scoring again, but were still down by 2 points with under 20 seconds to go.  One of their guards (Alford) launched a long desperation 3 point shot that appeared to miss, but the referee called goal tending and awarded the 3 points giving UCLA a one point lead with just over 2 seconds to play.....that goal tended shot ended up being the winning basket.  There were several top seeded teams that bit the dust, which I am sure has thrown a lot of brackets into disarray. 

The weather guessers gave us a 20% chance of rain Thursday, but as you can see from the following pictures it was about as far from rainfall Thursday as you can get.  Meanwhile, our friends down south in Wittmann, AZ had two days of rain while we were high and dry.  

TLE and I decided to take another walk about 11 am so we could be back in time for the aforementioned UCLA game.  We, once again, walked out to HWY 89 and back totaling 3.4 miles and averaging 3.7 mph in just 55 minutes, and in time to watch the UCLA game.

Upon return we discovered our two neighbors had moved on, and we were all alone in our spot once again.  I watched a couple more NCAA games before retiring outside to read, enjoy the view, the balmy air, and take the requisite nap.....I know, life is tough.

Around 5:45 I started a fire in our outdoor fireplace so we could sit and watch the setting sun hitting the beautiful rock formations off to the east.  We went through one bundle of wood enjoying the approaching eventide, a cigar, and some adult beverages.

 The lengthening shadows

Around 7 I lit the BBQ so I could grill up some carne asada for taco Thursday all the while listening to Classic Rock on XM's Classic Vinyl (channel 26).  Doesn't really get too much better.

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