Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wittmann living....

I slept in to 7:30 am was so wonderful to sleep in a bed larger than a double....that was the size of the bed in the Hilton room we shared with TLE's sister.  We haven't slept in a double bed since we were first married.  A double bed is wonderful if you are by yourself, but does not work for two old fogies.  

We 'lazed' around most of the morning.....well, I should say I 'lazed' around....TLE played cards all morning with Darlene and her friend Michelle.  They have quite a rivalry going after a few years of card playing.  Originally Darlene used to win all the time, but now TLE is winning more often.

A friend, and fellow Newell owner recently contacted me saying had removed a bunch of rubber trim from his Classic Newell, just like the trim I have on mine, and wanted to know if I wanted it.  Over 33 years the rubber trim on my coach has kind of shrunk up to where it is about 1-2 inches too short on each end now.  I was beginning to research where to find replacement trim when I got the e-mail from Jim Ellis.  As it turns out Jim was having his coach repainted in Mesa, AZ and got the shop to agree to hold the trim until I returned to Arizona, so Tuesday was the day headed over to Mesa to retrieve the trim.  Since Jim's coach is 4 feet longer than mine there are enough long pieces pieces to replace the ones of mine that have shrunk!

The rubber trim after I 'coiled' it up to get it in the VW

We left about 1 pm to drive over to Mesa, which is a little over an hour away.  It continued to rain on and off on our 130 round trip drive.  Once we retrieved the trim we grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks before beginning the drive back.  We decided to stop off at Rock Bottom Brewing on Bell Road in Surprise to have an early dinner as our hosts would not be home until about 9:30 that night.

 Habanero Shrimp and Street Tacos (fish)

We were back in Wittmann by 6:30 and spent part of the evening catching up on a few recorded TV shows (Tom and Darlene watch many of the same shows we do) before heading to bed by 10:30.

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