Friday, March 13, 2015

Big Phoney

After my diatribe the other day about DST I saw this posted on Facebook and couldn't help myself.....had to post it here.  I know the government does not promote DST as making the day longer, but the perception of so many I talk to is that it makes the daylight portion of the day somehow longer.....I think this sums it up perfectly for me....:-)

One of TLE's charms/virtues is her patience.......when I get a new phone delivered the box is opened and I am trying to figure it out within minutes, if not seconds of receipt.  TLE get's a new iPhone 6 + delivered to our current location by FedEx on Wednesday.....she opens it.....eventually, but only to be sure everything is there, and then sets it aside and goes back to her 'Hobbit' sized iPhone 5. I see this, but say nothing.....I am sure no one, not even TLE has that kind of self control....she'll crack....I'm sure.  

Later in the afternoon I casually ask her when she is going to set up her new phone and begin using it......she replies that she'll wait until we drive into Prescott on Thursday afternoon to have someone at the Verizon store do it for her.  Of course, there is nothing I can do about it because iPhones and iPads are a complete mystery to me, so I suggest she at least plug it in to be sure the battery is completely charged, which she did reluctantly.  I'm thinking, 'okay, this will get her started'......but no, she just plugged it in and went back to her 'Hobbit' sized phone. 

When it comes to patience TLE is a formidable opponent, and no matter what I did she seemed to have this ambivalence that I could not penetrate.  Late in the day whilst she was in the bedroom reading I picked up the phone, allegedly to check on the battery status, and the phone started 'talking' to me in many unknown 'tongues'.  Apparently it wanted to be set up, and was asking someone to choose the language for the phone.  I couldn't turn it off, so summoned her to the salon and handed her the phone thinking then she would not be able to put it down, but alas, one more time I was over matched.  She played with it for a few minutes then set it down.....I asked....."Did you get it fixed?" to which she replied...."No, I'm just going to let it go to 'sleep' and worry about it tomorrow when we drive into Prescott"....alright, I know my limitations......I surrender.

We left for Prescott Thursday about 10 am for the rather short 45 minute drive up to Prescott via I-17 and Arizona 169 arriving at the Verizon store near Home Depot just before 11 am.  The store was busy when we arrived, and it was about 15 minutes before it was TLE's turn to be helped.  She drew the lovely sales rep named Jacquelan (sp?) who quickly got her phone set up, transferred her apps, pix, etc., and then 'wiped' her old iPhone 5 clean of all personal data.  She then managed to get $90 trade in value for the 'Hobbit' phone part of which was applied to a protective case, and an actual glass screen protector.  While she was in the middle of all that she asked if we wanted to take advantage of the $200 credit towards an iPad Mini reducing the total cost to $127 after tax (there was also about $13 left on her trade in credit that she applied to the iPad Mini).  The iPad Mini will be shipped to the Prescott store and we will return to pick it up next Monday before we re-position ourselves up to Page, AZ.  As you can see from the picture below TLE is one happy lady with her new, larger than life iPhone 6+

By the time we finished our business at the Verizon store it was after 12 and time for lunch, but first we needed to put gas in the VW....there was a Costco just 2 miles up the road where we could get 'premium' for $2.44/gallon, so we stopped there.  One interesting thing about this Costco fuel station was they sell DIESEL!  I have heard of of Costco's that sell diesel, but this was my first experience......their price is a tantalizing $2.34/gallon!

How of her first pictures on her new phone is of a 'pint'

After fueling up the VW we headed directly for Prescott Old Town to have lunch at Prescott Brewing Company.  The last time we were in Prescott we we kind of in a hurry so we chose to check out a local hot dog place, which we loved, but this time, at the urging of friends, and readers of this blog, we were not going to pass them up, and are we ever glad we ate there this time.

'Achocolypse' (chocolate porter)

We both started off with a pint of their 'Achocolypse' which is PBC's version of chocolate porter, and were blown away by the rich chocolaty flavor......a true sipping brew!

For lunch I chose their 'Brewhouse Shrimp'......I will let the picture above speak for itself, because even now, almost a day later, words fail me.  TLE chose the more modest '3-Cheese PBC Mac 'N Cheese, which she loved.

After lunch we spent an hour, or so browsing through several antique/thrift stores on Cortez Street......there are at least a dozen antique stores in just over a block.....for those who love antique stores Cortez Street will give you all you can handle in a very small geographical area.

We were home by 4 pm, and TLE spent a good portion of the early evening playing with her new iPhone.....:-)

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  1. I knew you would love Prescott Brewing Company....glad they did a good job for you. Hope to be there again ourselves as we pass trough there to visit my Library friend on our way to California, and eventually Alaska. Less than 3 weeks away from hitting the road again!!!! --Dave (


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