Thursday, March 12, 2015


There is obviously 'something' in the air here in Camp Verde that has inspired me to take on one project after another since we returned from Pasadena, and once again on 3rd Saturday I continued checking off one project after another.

First up was to complete the trailer tail light replacement by taking on the driver's side tail light.  I applied some of the lessons I learned from removing and replacing the passenger side one and it went a little smoother.  One thing I think I omitted from my previous report was I had to drill out both of the screws holding that light fixture in place as I could not unscrew the rather long screws without stripping the head to bits.  I was a little impatient (you're thinking.....'what, Clarke impatient?  Never!) and ended up having to drill two new holes as I enlarged the existing holes in a hasty attempt to remove the old screws to such an extent that they were no longer usable.  This time I took my time, and was able to actually unscrew one of the screws successfully, and while I had to drill out the other I was able to reuse the hole.

Next up was to replace a few of the simulated wood vinyl planks in the entry way that had been bugging me for about a year.  We purposely kept one box of the vinyl planks for this very purpose, so why it took me so long is a mystery to me, but now it is done, and the entry looks good again.

Finally, another project I had wanted to do for over a year was to add a row of 12 volt LED strip lighting over the workbench to provide light during those times when I am not hooked up to city power.  You never can tell when you will need good light over the workbench during an emergency roadside stop, or whatever.  I had 6 feet of LED strip lighting left and that fit the space over the workbench perfectly.  I just tapped into the 12 volt ceiling light fixture for power, so the strip lighting will only come on when the other 12 volt lights are in use.  It came out great, as you can see!  Of course, since I have a TV in the trailer I was able to watch a Premier League soccer match from beginning to end while I was working the is good.

While I was otherwise occupied with my projects TLE scheduled a one hour massage session here in the park for the amazingly low price of $20.  She returned just as I was finishing the LED light installation in the trailer looking totally relaxed and serene.  

TLE had me grill another of those great filets from Basha's to which she added caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms plus a side of carrot salad.  

It was a good, productive day in Camp Verde and life is good......thanks for stopping by!  


  1. Hi Clarke, I am considering getting a trailer. I was wondering if you have with you any way to move the trailer without the motorhome? I was thinking about the situation of venturing down a dead end road and getting stuck needing to turn around. You can get the motorhome turned around mostly but the trailer could be tough. I suppose though you could always back out the way you came in. I don't often meet people with trailers so I was just curious how it has been for you.

  2. I know exactly what you are worried about and we think about on a regular basis. If we get do get into that situation we will need help turning the trailer around. All that being said it has not happened yet, because we are very careful to avoid those situations. I have had to back up over a 100 feet one time.

    1. Thanks for responding. I think my strategy might be to get an aluminum enclosed trailer that is 2400 pounds empty. If so, the car inside would be capable of moving around the trailer without much fuss. I think that would be useful for parking it in a campground with a back in spot. Do you guys tend to only go for pull throughs then?

    2. We, obviously prefer pull throughs, but have no problem with back ins.


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