Monday, March 23, 2015

'Mad Men'

I realized this morning as I sat down at the computer that while I have been a rather prolific blogger this past weekend, I really didn't write about anything we did Saturday, and now, of course, there is Sunday.  There isn't really much to report about the weekend except that it was idyllic, wonderful, relaxing, inspiring, serene, was just the kind of weekend we had ordered.

Fortunately here in northern Arizona/southern Utah we do not really have to deal with the 'Spring Breakers' as they all seem to be drawn to warmer latitudes.....there are no flotillas of drunken, youthful revelers on the lake.....just us old fogies....we may get a little tipsy on occasion, but there is not much reveling....:-)

I spent big portions of Saturday and Sunday watching 'March Madness', which is the only kind of madness I'm looking for this time of year.  I have found that once the sun is high enough in the sky to blanket the solar panels I can turn on the inverter to watch TV most all day long and still get the batteries back to 100% as we did for the second time on Sunday.  In fact, we've only been below 90% once since we arrived 6 days ago.  The conditions here at Lone Rock are approaching perfect for us.  When we were down in Cottonwood boondocking the overnight temps were getting into the low 30's, and on occasion into the high 20's.  Cold temps like those really suck the amp hours out of flooded cell batteries.  Typically we would lose over 1% per hour while were sleeping, and would typically see losses of 11-12% overnight.  In contrast, here at Lone Rock the overnight temps are ranging from the low 40's to the high 40's and we are typically seeing an overnight loss of just 7-8%.  When you don't have to dig out of a deep hole every day it makes it much easier to get back into the high 90's if not all the way to 100% on occasion.  That I can accomplish that and still watch NCAA basketball almost all day is amazing.

We've been seeing in the eventide each of the last four days with a fire, and whatever adult beverage TLE deems appropriate at the time.  As the sun dips into the western horizon the colors of the rock formations to the east just light up with golds, pinks, reds, purples, etc....the perfect backdrop for relaxing conversation and reflection.  We originally bought two bundles of firewood at the local Union 76 station (about 2 miles from our location) to burn, but is is mostly soft wood, and burns fast, however, TLE noticed a large, abandoned wooden pallet on the shoulder of the access road we walk almost every day, so we drove up there in the VW Saturday with the appropriate tools to take that baby apart, then hauled it back to camp.....that will be good for 3, or 4 fires at least!

The weather continues to be just what we were seeking......high 60's to mid 70's everyday, and moderate low temps at rain so far, and mostly clear skies with only a couple of days of partly cloudy conditions.

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