Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Year In review pictorially speaking

We did not cover a lot of miles in 2016 (Total miles driven in Newell in 2016:  2,130), but the year was jam packed with activity!  We celebrated New Year's with my son (Chris) and his family in Octotillo Wells, CA (near Salton Sea), and what a time we had........

Amazing sunsets in Octotillo Wells

(Aerial photo courtesy Steven Dempsey)......our Octotillo Wells encampment

Michael Viccari and I taking a hike

Below sea level

Took a Jeep ride in Chris' YJ

Moved up to Borrego Springs around January 3rd with friends Michael, Liz, Steven and Linda (Liz not pictured here)

We enjoyed many campfires together

We then traveled to Quartzite for the annual RV show (photo courtesy Steven Dempsey)

 Got a flag pole and flags at the RV show

 The Quartzite RV show

 Met up with long time friends Chris, Cherie and Becky at Quartzite

Got my windshield replaced at Quartzite!

Headed for Wittmann to visit our good friends Tom and Darlene

 Spent time helping Tom install his compressed air system.....
.....and wrapping his AC ducts with insulation 
Headed to Los Algodones for dental stuff....stayed at Quechan Casino for the first time

Back to Borrego Springs for a few days  to visit with Steven and Linda again.....very, very windy!

Sharon and Brayden James born in February

Back in SoCal for a couple of months.....Tim and Laila

A lot of bike riding was done

Bought ourselves new recliners....TLE's above and mine below

Tim and Laila engaged to be married

On our way to SLT*

First glimpse of Lake Tahoe in 2016

 Snowed the night before we arrived in SLT* at TVC** on April 30th

All set up

 The 'Ranger' golf cart

Many bike rides around SLT

 Jolene Rose born in June

 A lot of great beer consumed at our favorite SLT micro brewery - Sidellis

 Assembled a lot of picnic tables at TVC


 Rode up to Emerald Bay numerous times during the summer

Lucky '13'

Our first annual beer tasting party

 Spent a day with friends at Incline Beach

Met Paul in Mammoth for a day of mountain biking

 Meredith and Amy drove up from SoCal to spend the 4th of July with us

 Made new friends

 Meredith came by to visit us while on a business trip

 Newell friends Guy and Sue Cobham

Guy and Sue's 1984 Newell

Had dinner with long time friend Don Neff

Our 45th anniversary dinner at Nepheles'

 Hiked to Mobius Arch while at Tuttle Creek

 Tuttle Creek sojourn

 Moi with Brayden James

TLE with Jolene Rose in November

Christmas 2016 family portrait - 19 strong now!

.......our family has grown larger over the past year.  It has been a memorable year to say the least.  What awaits us in 2017?  Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by!

* SLT = South Lake Tahoe
** TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground

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  1. Nice recap, Clarke. Disappointed to hear you won't be making it east though. My wife and I are most likely going to be in Cedar Key for a week or two in February and I was looking forward to buying you a beer! :)


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