Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Q.....Day 6

7:15 am - Mountain Time - Wednesday - 36º F, humidity 84%, wind 3 mph out of SSW.......forecast to be clear blue skies with a high of 56º down to 49º F inside the coach last night......very, very chilly.

Neither of us has ridden our bikes in a long, long time......since we were at the Elks in Fontana, so that is almost 2 months.  Tuesday seemed like a day to ride and explore Quartzite at 10 mph.  One thing I had not noticed previously is that there are, for the most part, no shoulders on the roads south of the I-10 which makes riding anywhere on the south side a slightly anxious experience, but we are used to riding in traffic and did just fine.

Initially we rode north on 95 to Kuehn and then turned left riding by the 'Big Tent' and Tyson Wells to the west side of Quartzite where there are more daily flea markets of all types......there are many places that specialize in rocks (gems, minerals, etc.), which is not our specialty......we found a great place that was selling wind chimes, and we found one for $10 that we like a can see it hanging from the awning arm in the picture below......they also had a lot of great 'junk' to browse through.......

Our new wind chimes (upper left of picture)

.....we continued our ride westward to Quarzite Ave. where we crossed over I-10 to Main Street and began our ride back east.  There are many more of these daily flea markets all along Main Street, and the opportunities for 'junking' are enormous.....I was able to find a 1/2" drive Craftsman ratchet without which I could not live.......I think I will revisit that place again before we leave........  

.......we continued eastward on Main to the Quartzite General Store where TLE bought some marvelous filets to grill for dinner, and then headed for home.  In all we were gone about 3 hours and got to know Quartzite much better, as well as some much needed exercise.  

We had planned to drive over to Charles and Bobbie's RV park (88 Shades RV Park) for an evening fire, but TLE's sinuses were acting up so we decided to stay home.....I got the Sea-B-Que going about 5 pm and then spent about 40 minutes outside watching the sunset, smoking a cigar and just enjoying the early evening.......

......the clouds began to light up as the sun edged towards the western mountains.........and then it was time to eat.........

......TLE provided some mashed potatoes and spinach for the sides, and some caramelized onions for the filets......they were cooked to a fine medium rare.  We chased our food with a bottle of Unruly Pinot Noir (Charles and Bobbie introduced us to this fine Pinot last summer).

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  1. There is some wonderful walking and biking trails heading north from Discount solar towards the Library and town park. Wonderful looking dinner.

  2. Our plan to go full time this year was delayed when my daughter decided she wants to be a vet - and moved from NYC to our place here in Virginia to begin an 18 month long pre-med program at American University in DC. I'm counting the days. My wife and I will take a couple of extended vacations in the coach this year... but between trips (at least until sometime next Summer) I'll travel vicariously through you. Hope you don't mind. :)


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