Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Q....Day 7 - Parker Strip

7:27 am - Mountain Time - Thursday - 32º F (feels like 28º F), humdity 82%, wind 4 mph out of skies from horizon to horizon, but oh my was it cold last down to 46º F inside the coach......had to put on an extra blanket about 5:30 am this morning.  The VW is covered in frost as I write.  I turned on all three gas heaters, then the big generator for about 30 minutes so I could run both electric heaters to make the inside of the coach hospitable once again........

We had decided several days ago that we would take a drive up to the Parker Strip on Wednesday, and that is precisely what we did.  We aimed to check out a few boondocking, and dry camping options as that is where we will be come this weekend.  We departed Quartzite about 10:40 am making our way to the local ARCO fuel station to take on 10 gallons of 91 octane unleaded as the low fuel light was about begin warning us we were almost empty.  From there we headed north on 95 about 36 miles to the lovely town of Parker, AZ, which sits on the banks of the Colorado River......

.......the drive took just under 40 minutes with little, or no traffic.  Our first stop was the Parker Elks Club on 7th and Laguna.....about 5 blocks from the river.  They provide water and electric hookups, but no dump station.  At the time we were there Wednesday there was only one site available......they have 7, or 8, but there was just no 'it factor' for us.  If we are going to drive up to Parker to stay for 5 days we would like to be able to see the river, otherwise, what is the point?  Next up we drove further up 95 to the Blue Water Casino (Indian) as they offer dry camping.......

Internet photo of Blue Water Casino is actually quite an impressive facility, and portions of their RV parking area do have a view of the river, however, the parking area is a 'side hill lie' as they say in golf, and getting any RV level there would be a challenge.  

Our next stop was Crossroads BLM Campground on the California side of the river (Earp, CA) on Parker Dam Road......

Crossroads Campground BLM this place has the 'IT FACTOR'!  There are about 15 sites right on the Colorado River (no hookups, but there are picnic tables, and pit toilets), and the cost is $5/night!  At the time we arrived there were two sites available.  Obviously, this is first come first served, so we will have to have a little serendipity come Sunday when we drive up to Parker.....we're crossing our fingers!

On our way back to Quartzite we stopped off at the local Starbucks for a Moca Frappuccino (moi, TLE gets a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino), for a little 'pick me upper', and then headed for the barn.  When we left for Parker our batteries were back to 86% (they started at 83%), and by the time we returned around 2:30 pm they were back to 95%, and within an hour they were back to 100%!  Suweet!

Around 5 pm I went outside (TLE's sinuses were still acting up a little) to celebrate happy hour, and to smoke a cigar as the sun set in the west one more time.........

 The wind is coming out of the north now....has been out 
of the south since we arrived.

Almost sundown....

........TLE prepared a pollo asado salad for was a good day!

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  1. Sure sounds like a great day and that BLM land sounds quite nice I am sure you will enjoy it.
    Gotta love this sunshine.


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