Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sicko - Day 4 - New Years Eve

7:06 am - Mountain Time - Sunday - 🎉 HAPPY NEW YEARS!!🎉 -56° F degrees, 89% humidity (should be's been raining for a couple of hours), wind 4 mph out of I related a few characters previously, it has been raining steady for the past four hours, and most of the night.  It is obvious now we will not be moving the Newell on Monday.....the ground is just too soft.....forecast high is 50° F.

After a night of rain (pictures courtesy Tom McCloud's security cameras)

The normally dry wash behind us is now running full

As I sit here at the keyboard typing the latest drivel from my life as a sick person my head feels like has gained 3 hat sizes, my nose is running, I sneeze on a regular basis, and I am up earlier than normal as lying down makes me cough.  I took a nighttime cold remedy and it worked until about 7 am.....don't have any daytime cold remedies on hand......may have to send TLE to the store in a canoe.  My eyes really don't want to be open right now.  So, obviously, all my efforts to avoid a full blown cold appear to have failed.

Saturday I stayed inside all day with the lone exception of going out with TLE to pull up the awning mat and hang it on the fence so the rain would wash it off before we stow it, but now we are thinking we won't be moving the coach on Monday as planned.  The ground out here in the Wittmann outback gets very soft and spongy after a prolonged rain, and is not compatible for vehicles weighing 15 tons.

Of course, being sick and confined to the coach is a perfect scenario for 'binge watching', and I continued to 'binge watch' Breaking Bad......I'm up to season 3, episode 4, and that is where we left off early New Years morning at 12:30 am as we welcomed in the New Year.  Right now the New Year is not off to a great start for me, and there is no where for me to go but up.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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  1. Happy New Year to you and Elaine, my wife Margie is also bringing in the New Year with a cold. Hope you feel better!

  2. Happy New Year to you both!

    Celebrating the Dance

  3. You must be taking extraordinary measures in such a confined space so as not to pass the virus to your wife. Colds suck.


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