Monday, January 16, 2017


8:11 am - Mountain Time - Monday - 48º F, humidity 86%, wind 3 mph out of NNE.......partly cloudy, but there is sun!

Sunday was the day I chose to replace the rusted out 5" exhaust pipe section in the driver's side engine bay.........I got to work about 11 am when it has warmed up sufficiently for my delicate sensibilities.   First job was to remove the stainless steel heat shield, then the two stainless steel clamps holding the section in place.......

......then I had to place a block of wood between the muffler and the floor of the engine bay (underneath) to keep the pipe from wobbling around as I tried to remove the rusted flex pipe....... was a booger!  Took me close to 2 hours to wrestle it loose.....ultimately I had to use my reciprocating saw to cut a slice in the pipe near the base, and a large screwdriver to pry the bands apart finally making it possible to remove the bad section..........

The offending piece is toast!

........cutting and fitting the replacement piece (21" long) was the easy part, and within 30 minutes I had the new section in place ready to be clamped........

......then with the aid of Tom's air operated impact driver tightened the upper and lower clamps back in place.......

.......I finished just before 2:30 pm.......decided to wait to reinstall the stainless steel heat shield until Monday......want to start up the 6V92 and run it to be sure both clamps have seated properly before bolting on the heat shield.

As would be expected I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching two NFL playoff games......the first had the Greenbay Packers playing the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas for the honor of going to the NFC title game next Sunday.  It was a thriller going down to the final 3 seconds tied 31-31......Greenbay's place kicker successfully kicked a 51 yard field goal as time expired to win the game.......and what a game it was!  The night game featured the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, and once again another great game decided in the final two minutes when Kansas City failed to execute a 2 point conversion to tie the game giving the ball to the Steelers who ran the clock out to win 18-16......all of the Steeler points came from field goals......six field goals!  I couldn't have asked for a better day of competitive football.....the total opposite of Saturday's games.

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  1. Nice to get those jibs done when it suits rather than needs to be done now.


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