Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wrap it up!

8:12 am - Mountain Time - Wednesday - 46º F, 86% humidity, wind 3 mph from the east.....forecast high 63º F.....high wispy clouds.......just shy of a full moon (see picture below)......

Last summer a member on our Newell users group forum sent me a message that he had engine blankets, or wraps for my Detroit Diesel 6V92 and offered to give them to me for just the shipping cost.  I agreed to acquire them and reimbursed the owner about $85 for the shipping cost.  Upon receipt of the package I determined almost immediately that the 'wraps' were indeed not for a 6V92, but for a 8V71 with a completely different configuration meaning they would not fit my intended application.  Tuesday I took pictures of those wraps and relisted them on the Newell users group forum (

.......and within hours had several offers to take them off my hands for the cost of shipping, so now I will need to get them boxed and shipped.  I had thought about just throwing them away, but they do have significant value to someone who needs them so we have been hauling them around for the past few now we will not be taking them with us when we leave Wittmann!  Before I did finally list the engine wraps I spent some time attempting to get them to fit my application just to be sure that they would, indeed, not fit, and was ultimately satisfied they would not fit.

For those who have been reading my blog for the past couple of years you will recall that in February of 2015 I purchased three 5 gallon cans of Chevron Delo 100 40 weight oil.  I got them at a deep discount from a fellow who used to own a Newell with a Detroit Diesel two stroke engine like mine.  I spent time transferring some of my stockpile of Chevron Delo 100 40 weight oil from a 5 gallon can to individual 1 gallon cans and refilling the oil reservoir for my 6V92 engine.......the reservoir holds between 3 and 4 gallons of oil which allows me to just open a gate valve when I need to add oil to the engine......very handy!

 The oil reservoir

Since I do not have room to haul the three 5 gallon cans around my friend Tom has allowed me to store them at his home here it Wittmann.......I'm taking the remaining oil with me to 'All Aboard America' Wednesday to use in the scheduled oil change...... 

Remaining 10 gallons of  Chevron Delo 100 oil

By the time I finished with all of the preceding it was well into the afternoon and it was time for me to put stuff away and take a shower.  It was a good day with much accomplished.  I spent the rest of the day resting and reading.  More to do on Wednesday before we drive the Newell over to 'All Aboard America' for its service.

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