Tuesday, January 17, 2017


6:28 am - Mountain Time - Tuesday - 41º F, humidity 84%, wind 4 mph out of NNW.....partly cloudy......why am I up so early?!  Woke up to go to the bathroom about 5:30 am, and could not go back to sleep.....oh well, there are always naps!

So, here we are once again.......our time in Wittmann is fast coming to a conclusion......we have been here for around 6 weeks now.....time to begin the process of putting our stuff away, which mainly means organizing and packing up the trailer for VW insertion on Thursday morning.  And that is how I spent most of my time Monday.  

As you will recall I did not re-install the stainless steel heat shield on the new stainless steel flex pipe exhaust wanting to run the 6V92 for a few minutes to be sure the two stainless steel clamps had properly seated and there were no exhaust leaks.  Once I was confident there were no leaks I turned off the engine and finished the job of re-installing the heat shield.

By mid afternoon I had gone as far as I could go in the trailer.....I'll finish it Wednesday.  It has been around three weeks since I came down with THE COLD, and I am finally beginning to get my strength and endurance back.....emphasis on endurance.  Monday is the longest time I have been able to work on and around the Newell for several hours at a time without having to stop to rest, or take a nap.

We have so enjoyed our time here in Wittmann with our good friends Tom and Darlene, and this stay will mark our longest sojourn with them......we have so enjoyed and appreciated their hospitality, and that they just let us live our lives in their backyard.  Nonetheless, it is time to roll our wheels and change our view......time for some boondocking!  

Another captivating Wittmann sunset!

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