Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sicko - Day 10 - On the mend

7:51 am - Mountain Time - Saturday - 38° F, humidity 72%, wind 4 mph out of NNE.....partly cloudy.....forecast high 63° F.  Slept last night without having to use a nighttime cold remedy.....first time in 10 days......

Friday was a watershed day for my current cold medication all day coughing, limited Kleenex appears I am officially on the mend.  TLE appears to be progressing through the stages at light speed.....she is made of much better stuff than I.......apparently.

Another task I had to take care of before we drive the coach over to 'All Aboard America' for service next Thursday is to detach the trailer from the coach once again.  You may recall I had moved the trailer forward and dropped it on the hitch ball about 10 days ago in preparation for our anticipated departure which is now not happening until near the middle of the month.  Once again I was surprised that such seemingly minor exertion resulted in my energy level being so rapidly depleted.  The whole exercise took less than 10 minutes at the end of which I was panting as if I had just run a 4 minute mile.  Nonetheless, I was successful, and quickly retreated to the comfort of my recliner to catch my breath.

In light of our acceptance of the fact that the east coast is not in our travel plans this winter I have been watching weather developments and see that the predictions of a colder than normal winter are coming to fruition......below is a copy of the 'CHILL MAP'.....

.......portions of all lower 48 states are under 32 degrees, and the average daytime temperature across the USA is 11° F.....the L.A. Times has an article entitled 'State of panic grips Northern California as atmospheric river approaches Sierra Nevada'.......I'm beginning to believe our inability to move eastward as planned is a blessing.  We happen to be in an area of Arizona that is outside the 'frozen zone' that is gripping most of the country right now.  Was checking out the webcam on the top of Mammoth Mountain and saw that the snow level is almost to the top of the sign.........

Middle of summer


......yup, it is definitely winter!

Once again I chose to limit my activity Friday in the interests of not over doing it and getting sick again, so I spent the better part of the afternoon reading and relaxing.  

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  1. yes, no freeze where you are going to stay, but look at what it could have been! 70-77 LOL


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