Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Q....Day 5

8:09 am - Mountain Time - Tuesday - 38º F, humidity 90%, wind 6 mph out of south southwest......clear blue skies and no discernible wind!  Overnight temp inside the coach got down to 53º F, and subsequently the batteries declined to 84%.  No worries though......we have nothing but sun for the next 5 days and I know our solar panels will get us back to 100%!

Going into Monday we pretty much knew we would not be doing much outdoor activity as the forecast called for winds all day long in the 20's.  We met Charles and Bobbie at a local eatery by the name of Mountain Quail Cafe around 10 am for breakfast.....you may recall we had lunch there last year.  They serve breakfast all day long (open 7 am to 7 pm), and Yelp gives them 4 solid stars on just over 60 reviews......we would agree wholeheartedly!  

We were back home by 11:30 am and since the wind was not too bad yet I set about cleaning off the exterior of the coach......before we left Wittmann it was pretty clean, and the wheels were shinning brightly, but the 100 miles of rain we drove through to get to Quartzite took away our Newell's smile.  I worked at restoring her smile for about 90 minutes, puttered around the trailer for a while, and then did my workout before heading inside to take a 'Navy' shower (a real fast shower to conserve water).

We both spent time reading before heading out once again around 5 pm for dinner with Charles, Bobbie, Jack and Marta (Jack and Marta are friends of Charles and Bobbie who are staying in the same RV park with them here in Quartzite) at Silly Al's Pizza on Main Street.   If you want pizza in Quartzite this is the place, and they do serve a mean pizza if I don't say so myself.......Yelp gives them 4 stars on 137 reviews, and who are we to disagree, hmmmm?

Forgot I had my cheaters on when I took the picture......😋

TLE and I arrived early to get our names in for a table as this place is packed all day and night every day.......after putting our names in we went to the bar to order a couple of draft brews while we waited for our friends to arrive and our name to be called.

We all (except TLE who had a salad) shared a 'Goliath' (extra large) Combo pizza and added anchovies.....always nice to find people who love anchovies on their pizza, right?  To chase the pizza we ordered a large pitcher of 'Shock Top' (draft), which brought our dinner tab for six to $57......now that is what I call a cheap date!

We arrived home around 7:30 pm, and the wind was blowing ferociously.....we watched a couple of news programs, then the 'Bachelor' before heading to bed around 11 pm.  Oh, by the way, our batteries hit 100% about 1:30 pm......I love solar!

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  1. Both those restaurants are very good have enjoyed them over the years. Now thee read of the week sunshine and no wind gotta love it.


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