Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sicko - Day 6

5:31 am - Mountain Time - Tuesday - 40° F, humidity 87%, wind 5 mph out of NNE.....partly cloudy......had to sleep in the recliner again last night, but I did sleep in my own bed for the first 4 hours until a coughing fit made that option untenable.....up so early because I went to bed at 9 pm, because today we drive back to Los Algodones for our dental appointments.

I woke up in my recliner Monday morning feeling as if I had been drug through the proverbial knothole backwards.....it was January 2nd and it was nearly time for the annual Rose Parade, the grand daddy of them all.  For the first time in years TLE and I actually watched the entire Rose Parade.....as has been our tradition for years now, we watched it commercial free on the SoCal local channel 5 (KTLA).  As I have mentioned before we have DirecTV and we keep it on the west coast feed all year round.  We really don't care about watching 'local' TV when we are traveling.

Around 11 am (Mountain Time) the first bowl games began (Outback Bowl and Sugar Bowl)......neither was very interesting to me, so I turned on Breaking Bad once again and watched episode after episode until sometime after 3:30 pm when I turned on the Rose Bowl game which featured USC vs. Penn State.....USC has not been to the Rose Bowl for at least 7 years, and USC has always been my college team as my father went to school there.  Both teams traded touchdowns in the first half with the half time score being 27-20 in favor of USC.....I decided to watch another Breaking Bad episode during half time....yeah, I'm hooked....I admit it.  By the time that episode was over they were well into the 2nd half and suddenly it was 35-27 in favor of Penn State.....uh oh.  I decided to watch another episode of Breaking Bad......by the end of that episode it was 49-35 still in favor of Penn State beginning the 4th quarter......not looking good for USC.....so I watched another episode.  As that episode ended I checked the score again and found it was tied 49-49 with 37 seconds to go....Penn State had the ball and was driving.....then suddenly with 25 seconds to go USC intercepted a long pass by the Penn State quarterback and ran it back to the Penn State 35 yard line.  USC ran one running play getting the ball to the about the 28, or 29 letting the clock run down to 5 seconds.  They then kicked the winning 45 yard field goal with no time on the clock to win the game 52-49!  What an amazing ending!

I continued watching Breaking Bad until 9 pm......had to go to bed early as we have to leave for Los Algodones at 7 am Tuesday to get there on time for our dental appointments......

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