Friday, January 6, 2017

Sicko - Day 9

8:25 am - Mountain Time - Friday - 46° F, 71% humidity, wind 9 mph out of northwest.....forecast high 60° F.....high wispy clouds at present, but it is forecast to be clear all day long.  Slept well last cough, no runny nose. 

 'They' say a cold lasts 9 days, and Thursday was the 9th day.....I didn't take cold medication all day Thursday.....that is a big improvement! On Monday we pulled up the awning mat and hung it on the fence to get it dry before we packed up to leave after returning from our dental appointments, which, of course did not happen due to the need for several more dental appointments.  At any rate everything, including the ground had dried out enough by Thursday that it was time put the awning mat back on the ground under the awning mat to reduce the amount of dirt migrating into our coach.  However, before we could do that I needed to rake the ground under the awning mat level again as it was very lumpy due to us walking on it when it was wet, which we had no option but to do otherwise we could not leave the coach.  I spent about 30 minutes raking there, as well as erasing all the steps going toward the house and the Newell garage.  That is the first time in almost 10 days that I have done anything physical, and it felt so good to be outside in the sun working up a sweat.

Once the raking was complete TLE assisted me in moving the awning mat back into place, and I was done for the day.  Just that little exertion left me feeling weak......yup, this cold has really laid me low, and even though I am feeling better I need to be cautious and slow in returning to my previous activity level.  

Since we are not going to Florida this winter we have been busy making new Jello of those plans is to take the Newell into a Phoenix, AZ bus place called 'All Aboard America' to get it serviced, as well as get the Jake brake fixed.......that is set for next Thursday, so we'll have to move some of our stuff out Wednesday and moved into our temporary quarters in our hosts' home.  It shouldn't take more than a couple of days all things being equal and the river don't rise.  We were referred to All Aboard America by Tom, our host here in Wittmann.  His guy there is Leo, who is quite familiar with Detroit Diesel series 92 and 60 engines.....of course, our power plant is a Detroit Diesel 6V92 TA Silver edition (V-6, series 92, turbo/after cool, 350 horsepower).  We had planned to have the servicing done when we were on the east coast at a place we have used previously called Choo Choo Express Garage in Rossville, GA, but since we are not going to be on the east coast this year we still need to get this done, plus now we need the Jake brake fixed.  

We are still discussing our local travel plans over the next months, and once we have both fully recovered from the black plague will probably be making some short term decisions about nearby destinations in the next 10 days.

TLE seems to be progressing through the stages of her cold much more quickly than I.....I hope so for her least she has not had to sleep in her recliner yet!

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