Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Q......Day 10 - Until next time

6:55 am - Mountain Time - Sunday - 40º F, humidity 51%, wind 9 mph out of the north (feels like no wind).......forecast today is for clear blue skies with a high of 70º F......and we will have highs in the 70's for the foreseeable future!  Today is getaway day so I am up early blogging so we can roll our wheels by 8 am which is when the local dump station opens.....we will dump, fill up with fresh water, and then top off our propane tank at $2.14 per gallon (including tax)....not bad!

Saturday we had two simple goals.....two easily achievable goals......1) head over to Tyson Wells to buy two more camp chairs (like the ones we got last year), plus a new awning mat.......the prices here on those items are exceptional deals, and 2) get the Newell ready to move by 8 am Sunday morning, and that is precisely what we accomplished.

When I got up Saturday morning the inside temp was down to 43º F........brrrrr......we rocked 5 heaters for about 30 minutes to take the 'CHILL' off the interior (2 electric and 3 gas), then settled down to one gas heater after I turned off the big generator (Kohler 7.5 kw propane generator).  Our solar panels began charging our house batteries a little after 8:30 am, and we were back to 100% by 1 pm (started at 83%).

We were out the door on our way to Tyson Wells to buy the aforementioned camp chairs and new awning mat.  We came away with three chairs (the 2 camp chairs, and a folding rocker for TLE), plus the aforementioned awning mat (9' x 18').....TLE suggested we might want an awning mat for the trailer entrance so we added a smaller 6' x 9' mat to our checkout basket.

After bringing the VW around from the rear parking lot we loaded our booty and then drove a mile, or so over to the dump station facility on Kuehn to check it out.....$15 for a dump, and $5 for fresh for service at 8 am......easy ingress and egress.  Every time we have driven by this place they are always slammed, so we want to get there as close to 8 am as possible before the line gets too large......we would like to be in Parker by 10 am.

From the dump station we proceeded over to Main Street to spend more time at an open air flea market we had briefly browsed while on our bike ride the other day, and spent about an hour  checking out their 'JUNK'......and do they ever have 'JUNK'!  TLE found a really nice marcasite tennis bracelet (she collects marcasite jewelry), and I found a 50 to 30 amp electric (obviously) adapter.  I think it is safe to say we have had our 'JUNK' fix here in Quartzite.........anchors away!

TLE's Marcasite Tennis Bracelet

I spent the rest of the afternoon putting away what little stuff we had always is more than I remember, then move the trailer forward once again and drop it on the hitch ball, and then right at the end of the day stowing the solar panels into travel mode for our 36 mile jaunt on Sunday.  By the time I finished it was after 3:30 and time for a nap!

We went to dinner at Sweet Darlene's Cafe on Main Street with Charles and Bobbie around 5:30 pm......they are leaving Quartzite Sunday, also.  This quaint little restaurant gets only 3 stars from Yelp, and 3.5 from Tripadvisor, and I think we would be right there, too.  There are only 23 reviews on Yelp, and the negative ones have to do with slow service.  The food is fine, and the service is not too slow.  Considering the fact that most of the customers at Sweet Darlene's are retired folk such as ourselves you would think they could learn to chill out and just enjoy each other and some good conversation.  People are just too much in a hurry nowadays. 

We were home by 7:30 pm and decided to watch a couple more episodes of 'Sherlock'.....we are really getting into that series!  We were in bed by 10:40, and off to dreamland shortly thereafter.

By the way, the cell phone coverage and broadband coverage was quite good most of the time while we were here at Quartzite.....the worst days were last Saturday and Sunday when the Quartzite population was at its greatest.

Time to get ready to turn over the big Detroit Diesel.......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. We about had our junk fix as well. We use the drums station at La Posa south, included in our LTVA permit and pretty quiet right now until about 9 am.
    Travel safe and enjoy your new destination.


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