Sunday, September 15, 2019

A triple.......

8:11 am - Sunday - September 15th - Ramona, CA - 60° F, 53% humidity, wind - 3 mph out of the southwest.  Clear, blue, hot skies today with a forecast high of 95° F.

We knew Saturday was going to be a hot one and we're pretty sure it got to at least 100° F.....our first triple digit day in a couple of months.  The best time to be outside on these really hot days is before noon, so I busied myself washing the VW around 9 am, then had breakfast, after which we headed into town to do our weekly shopping.  

For me it was way past time for a haircut, so whilst TLE shopped at Stater's I headed directly for Supercuts, and did not pass 'GO' until my ears had been substantially lowered.  Walking into Supercuts at 10 am is always risky as you may find yourself in a 1 hour 'line', but I lucked out and was seated within 5 minutes.  I was in and out within 20 minutes, and caught up to TLE about 2/3's of the way through her shopping rounds.

TLE always begins her rounds of Stater's on the left side of the store, and works her way methodically up and down the aisles finishing on the far right in the produce department.  I found her just finishing with the meat section, which is just before the produce section in this store.  Within 15 minutes she announced she was done, and we headed for the checkout station where we had a very short wait.  As is the case with most shoppers these days we bring our own bags to the show.  There are always a couple of 'cold bags' to fill, and TLE puts all those items on the conveyor belt first.  My job, if there is no one bagging, is to stow all the 'cold' items in those bags, and then fill the dry bags last.  I'm not very fact, I'm kind of slow, but TLE says I do a good job of organizing things in the bags to maximize the space available.

We were home by 10:30 am, and you could already feel the heat building  in the air.  We had preemptively turned on the rear A/C before we left, and upon our return we were grateful we had done so.  I think the next time I exited the Newell it was after 4 pm, and still way to hot to do anything outside.

We had ordered a couple of items off Amazon Friday which were scheduled to arrive late Saturday afternoon....probably after the office would be closed, so I was watching their individual progress towards our location.  One of the items was a new TCL Smart 32" TV just like the one we already have in the salon.  We wanted to replace our outdoor TV with a smart TV so we can stream outside as well as inside.  I knew the delivery guy would not leave that TV on the porch of the closed office, so I was keeping track of the delivery truck on my phone app.  When I saw that they were 2 stops away from RORVR (about 5:30 pm) I drove down to the office to await their arrival.  Amazon sends you this automated map near your delivery time showing you where the delivery truck is, and telling you how many stops remain before your items are delivered.  Just as the little blue dot arrived at our location on the map I looked up and saw the van pulling into the parking lot.....pretty cool.

Within a couple of minutes I had our items, and was on my way back to the Newell.  We'll set the new TV up Sunday morning before it gets warm.  We left the A/C running until after 8 pm when it finally got down to the low 80's.  We prefer not to run our A/C at night when we are sleeping, and so far we have not had to do that here at RORVR.  We appreciate so much how quickly the air cools here at RORVR after the sun sets.

On a slightly sad note I had to retire one of my all time favorite pairs of flip flops which I purchased at the Wal-Mart in Chiefland, FL back in January of 2013.....

....they were 'Bob Marley' flip flops, and I loved them.  RIP......

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