Monday, September 16, 2019

Let's get smart.....

6:24 am - Monday - September 16th - Ramona, CA - 60° F, 60% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 88° F.....the weekend heatwave has passed.

I began Sunday setting up our new TCL Roku Smart 32" LED TV.  I already have a ROKU account, so it was just a matter of adding this 2nd TV to my account, and then it was just a matter of duplicating the streaming channels I have on our indoor TV.....

....unfortunately, it was too hot Sunday to be outside watching football, but a least it is ready to go for next weekend when it will be much cooler.  It shows there are 89 channels it is updating, however, many of those are just stock channels they load whether you want them, or not.  There are probably a dozen about which I care.

During the day Rich finished hauling new gravel to our old/new site (#72), so it is now finished and ready for us to move back in next month.....

......Saturday's forecast called for a 95° high, but it actually got to 97° F....a little better than 100°, but still way too hot.  The extended forecast calls for temps ranging from 79° F to 88° F for the next 8 days.....perfect working, and weekend weather.

Sunday was also 'Chicken Marsala' day.   TLE produces a restaurant quality version of this well known dish for me about once a month.  It takes about 90 minutes, beginning to end, to make it, so she usually does it on the weekend for me.....

.....I cherished every single bite.....pairing a savignon blanc with this amazing dish took it to another level.....YUM!

Sunday was also 'black tank' day for me.  In our old site I would either have to dump the black tank early in the morning, or after sunset as the sun spent most of the day shinning on the driver side of the Newell making it most unpleasantly hot, but in our new site the driver side is in the shade all day long so I can dump anytime it is convenient for me.

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