Wednesday, September 25, 2019

'Winter' projects.....

7:21 am - Wednesday - September 25th - Ramona, CA - 56° F, 72% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east by southeast....clear, blue skies again today with a forecast high of 86° F.  Today is our 5 month 'anniversary' here at RORVR!  Forecast highs for the next 7 days:

  1. 79°
  2. 77°
  3. 71°
  4. 72°
  5. 73°
  6. 70°
  7. 85°
Autumn is definitely here, and we are beginning to work on 'winter' projects.  A couple of those projects are 1) Replace, or rebuild a lot of the split rail fencing in the park, and pull logs and stumps out of the rear of the pond now that the water level is at it's traditional low for the year.  The pond, due to no rain for months, is down about 4' and that has exposed a lot of wood which needs to be removed before the rains come and begin to push it all down toward the dam.  

There is a section of split rail fencing near the same area where the logs and stumps are which has been missing since we arrived here back in April....

The two sections I installed task was to dig one post hole, and then install 4 rails to close the gap in the fencing.  Installing the rails was easy, however, I encountered a rock about 2.5 feet down (hole needs to be 3 feet deep), which I had to break out using a long, heavy pry bar.

I first installed the section on the left leaving a gap on the right where we could haul the logs and stumps up from the water using Rich's Dodge 4x4 P.U. winch.  I retrieved the Kubota front loader from the storage barn to haul the logs and stumps up to the storage area.  This took most of the afternoon.  Once we were done pulling the dead wood out of the pond I finished the fence by closing the final gap.

It was pretty breezy Tuesday so I did not waste my time blowing leaves off the mini golf holes as the wind would have covered them again within minutes.  In fact, the only thing I did at the pool was run the tests, and add water to the big pool.  No point in cleaning the deck, or blowing the leaves out of the playground either.

TLE and I were off work at 4 pm.  Even though the temps got up to 92° F the interior of the Newell cooled off quickly once we opened all the A/C once again.  One of the reasons the coach cools off so quickly is by 4 pm the coach is almost completely in the shade again, whereas at the old site we would get sun all afternoon on the driver side, and front of the coach until almost 6 pm.  Since we moved to site #53 almost 3 weeks ago we have only used the A/C after work a few times.

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