Friday, September 6, 2019

What I do......

2:23 pm - Friday - September 6th - Ramona, CA - 94° F, 31% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the west......sunny today with a few clouds and a forecast high of 94° F.

I write daily about my maintenance of the horseshoe pits, and mini golf course here at RORVR.  I thought it was time for some pictures to illustrate what I do each day......

 I do not have a 'before' picture, but the concrete aprons around each pit become invisible under all the dirt that is thrown about by the thrown horseshoes is not hard work, or even very time consuming, but I try to keep each of these facilities clean, and ready for us on a daily basis.  Most of the use of them occurs on the weekends as one might imagine.  During the week there are really no children around RORVR, only on the weekends usually beginning Thursday afternoon, and ending Sunday afternoon as our weekend guests head back to their workaday lives.  Nevertheless, I keep them looking good each an every day.  

I'm not quite why the horseshoe pits were built with concrete borders, or aprons around each pit.  I've never seen horseshoe pits built like ours.  And I have no idea why the rubber mat is placed in front of the pit....I've never seen that before, either.  When people are playing horseshoes the concrete aprons, and rubber mats become completely covered with dirt, so it is necessary for me to rake the pits level each time they are used, and then sweep the dirt off the concrete aprons, and rubber mats back into the pit.  The picture above is how they appear after I've done my work.

On the other hand, the mini golf course is really not affected by use.  It is the dozens of eucalyptus trees surrounding the 9 hole course that cause them to become almost unusable just hours after I have blown the leaves off of them.  In the first two pictures below you can see the debris that falls from the trees in just a few hours...... the picture below you can see the fine particulate matter that still covers the artificial turf even after I have blown away the leaves.  When the accumulation of the particulate matter becomes great enough I have to literally hand sweep them to get them clean, and ready for play once again....... probably takes me about 30 minutes to hand sweep all 9 holes, but they look so much better.......

In less than 24 hours these debris free holes will revert 
back to condition shown in the first pictures above

.....unfortunately this good condition is short lived, and by 10 am the next morning I am battling the leaves, and other debris once again.

I only worked until 12 pm on Thursday as the temp got over 95° F.  I spent the afternoon after work napping, and reading waiting for The Lovely Elaine to return home from her front office sojourn.  She made me a wonderful dinner of  baked Mahi Mahi....OMG that woman can cook.

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