Sunday, September 29, 2019

Good times.....

7:17 am - Sunday - September 29th - Ramona, CA - 53° F, 89% humidity, wind - CALM....heavy overcast this morning and still quite wet.  Must have rained overnight.....the view this morning.....

It rained all night long, and was still raining around 9 am when we walked down to Sharon's cabin for breakfast.  Chris Reeves, a long time family friend, and his wife Jen made breakfast burritos for all of us, and since it was raining we all convened in the aforementioned cabin to enjoy our food and each other.  As always there were several conversations underway at all times, and at times it leaned toward deafening.  

Over the course of our day I took two of my grandkids for a walk (me)/bike ride (Brayden and Jolene) other words I walked and they rode.....:-).  There were ducks to see at the pond, and boulders to climb........↴

Left to right: Jolene Rose, Crosby Mark, and Brayden James

...........walked in the rain↗.............sat and talked a lot.......

......enjoyed our small propane fire pit again.....↴

.....and played several horseshoe matches......Chris and Rod ultimately won out over Nick and Jake......the pits haven't seen this much use in weeks......↴

.....I made some adjustments on Brayden's and Jolene's bikes for them (raised their seats and handlebars), and trued the front wheel on Laila's new beach cruiser, so I was in bike heaven for an hour, or so.  Haven't worked on anyone's bikes in a while.

Ahead of time TLE had prepared her famous lasagna, and around 5 pm it was ready for dinner.  Laila contributed her famous tossed salad with bleu cheese dressing, and Meredith the toasted garlic bread.  I added a small glass of zinfandel for good measure.

By 7:30 pm TLE and I were exhausted and headed for home to unwind from our day enjoying our children and their families.   The rain quit around 10 am, and except for a few brief drizzling episodes, it stayed dry the rest of the day.

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  1. So awesome to have your kids and grandkids close enough to come visit and hang out. I'm looking forward to getting on my way in just about 28 days to go see mine for a month in WA, then onto North Carolina to spend about 3 weeks with my son and daughter-in-law that live there.