Tuesday, September 10, 2019


6:24 am - Tuesday - September 10th - Ramona, CA - 62° F, 80% humidity, wind - CALM......overcast this morning with a forecast high of 79° F....first day under 80° F in 6 weeks, or more.

Monday TLE celebrated her birthday.  She is the proverbial 'older woman', but only by 3 weeks.  I've been saying I'm 70 for about six months now, so I'm pretty much already there in my mind.  The arrival of my formal birth date in a few weeks is now just a formality.  Just as I intellectually understand my oldest son is now 47, I understand that TLE and I have reached that age threshold of 70, but it still does not feel real.  I don't feel as if I am 70, or even close to that.

I performed my usual Monday morning very thorough pool oblutions, but began work at 8 am instead of 7 am.  So nice to sleep in a little.  It only got to 83° F Monday which is why I began work at 8 am.  I am really looking forward to getting back to my 9-4 schedule sooner than later.  After finishing with the pool just before 10 am I headed down to site #72 to work with Rich on the continuing leveling of my old site.

He had already brought up another bucket full of dirt using the Kubota front loader, so we spent time spreading that dirt around, then compacting it using the loader.  We then stretched the string out again to see what the variation was from one side to another.  When Rich began this project on Sunday it was almost 8" lower on the right side than the left (as you face the site from the street).  After that last load of dirt was spread out and compacted it was only off 2" lower on the right side....close enough for horseshoes and grenades, right?

After that Rich left me to my own devices, which involved moving the gravel, using the loader, back over the dirt (it had been scraped off the site prior to beginning the leveling process using compacted dirt).  I used a rock rake to finish that job, then began to scrape the gravel off site #73 using the loader bucket, and then spend about 30 minutes watering down site #72 to help it to further compact.  That took me the rest of my shift, and at 3 pm I clocked out for the day.

TLE was home by 4 pm, and to celebrate her birthday I grilled a wild caught Atlantic salmon filet for dinner.  It came out, of course, perfect.......TLE provided sides of brown rice, and roasted vegetables.

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  1. I would like to drop back to 70. It was a good year.

  2. Welcome to the 70's my oldest daughter is 52 darn how did that happen?