Thursday, September 5, 2019

Combo post - Tuesday and Wednesday & an announcement

12:38 pm - Thursday - September 4th - Ramona, CA - 93° F, 37% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the west by northwest......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 96° F.

Seems like a pattern is developing here.....combo posts.  There isn't really a lot to write about during our work week.  It's basically wash, rinse, repeat Monday through Friday.  We do, however, have some news to announce from Wednesday.  TLE's sister, Laureen, and her husband, Glenn, have committed to spending the summer of 2020 traveling to, being in, and traveling back from Alaska with us......

Glenn and Laureen with their new to them 
1984 Newell Classic back in April of this year (Our 1982 is on the left)

.....we could not be more excited.  Glenn and Laureen were married about 9 months after we were in mid 1972.  We all lived in Pasadena, CA at the time, and over the years we have become very close with them.  I cannot imagine a better couple with whom to take on such an epic journey.  They called us Wednesday afternoon to talk about a few issues with their 1984 Newell which they are getting into travel condition, and about some of their plans.  I'm  not sure if I mentioned this when they purchased this Newell back in April, but it also has a Kohler propane generator just as our 1982 Newell has.  Until we found their Newell up near Sacramento I had not found another Newel Classic with this configuration.  We talked for over an hour, and now the planning begins in earnest!

I worked the full 7 hour shift on Tuesday, but Wednesday the temperature got to 98° F, and that combined with higher than normal humidity, had me quitting work by 12 pm.  About 2:30 pm it clouded over and rained for about 20 minutes.   Then it stopped, and it was even more humid.....I was going to say "if that is possible", but of course it is possible.....have you ever been in East Texas in August?

It has only been cooling at night into the high 60's lately which makes for warmer sleeping temperatures.  Often our bedroom temp only gets down to 78° F now, where just a few weeks ago it was getting into the low 60's, and a couple of times into the high 50's.

Now that sites 43-51 have had new electrical pedestals installed our neighbor on the passenger side of the coach has moved back to his site in that area.  With his site being vacant we will be moving our coach out of our current site Saturday morning, filling up the 60 gallon propane tank (the gauge says it is at 'zero', but there is still enough gas to run our water heater) at the propane station, and then moving into site 53 across the street while our site and the just vacated site are re-leveled.  We'll be out of our site for about 10-14 days while the leveling work is being done, and then we will move back into our site for the balance of our stay here at RORVR.  We have awaiting this day for about 6 weeks, and I was beginning to think we would have to move to fill our propane tank and then move a second time to get our site leveled.

Life is good, and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. To help in your Alaska planning you might want to read the RV Dreams blog:
    They are just finishing up.

    1. Thanks John, I've been reading their blog for years. Great information!


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